New Research Links Childhood Obesity To Heart Disease

Most of the research conducted regarding childhood obesity presents us with saddening news predicting declining health for kids who are severely overweight.  According to the latest research analyzed by The New York Times, obese children and teenagers manifest signs that future heart problems will ensue if they do not lose the excess weight.

According to the German researchers who conducted the study, obese children had significantly higher LDL, lower HDL, higher total cholesterol, and higher triglycerides than children who were within the normal weight range. Equally saddening, the study found that the overweight children had higher fasting insulin readings as well as higher blood pressure. The study, which analyzed 61 obese and overweight children between the ages of 8 and 21, compared the findings with those of 40 children of normal weight within the same age range.

One of the most disturbing findings in the new research on obese children pertained to the heart muscle. Through the use of echocardiograms,researchers discovered that the left ventricle of the heart was substantively thicker.

According to University of Leipzig cardiologist Dr. Norman Mangner, it is not known whether the heart changes created by obesity are reversible through the loss of weight or the effect that the changes will have in precipitating future cardiovascular conditions.

As one might expect, the advice to help obese children obtain greater wellness includes eating a healthier diet, getting sufficient amounts of exercise, getting off their FreedomPop smartphone and maintaining an ideal weight.

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