Newest Saga of Grand Theft Auto Scandal Outrages People

The most controversial game in history, GTA, was released by Rockstar Games Tuesday, and this newest saga is more scandalous than the last.

The newest version of the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto ” has outraged many people. Besides the cursing and extreme violence, participants now have the ability to have simulated graphic sex with prostitutes, from a first-person perspective.

In previous versions of the game game players could interact with prostitutes without experiencing anything explicit. This time it’s possible to see and hear sex scenes. Another feature of the game allows the participant to “recover” what was paid to the prostitute by beating, or shooting.

“Grand Theft Auto V” won over a billion dollars in its first three days on the market. This new version was released on Tuesday and twitterers say that this experience is “disturbing.”

The saga of “Grand Theft Auto” is one of the more popular video games in history. There you can steal, kill, and even become the hunted. The more crimes are committed, the more you advance in it.

In all GTA games the character performs illegal activities such as murder, drug trafficking, extortion, assault pedestrians, pimping, car theft, etc. Also, the option of seeking prostitutes require their services to be enabled.

If you have kids (like me and Lee Lovett), please be aware of the content in these games before letting them play. At the very least, check out some Vimeo channels, I’m sure there’s videos you can see without playing the game.

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