Non-Medical Ultrasounds May Harm Baby and Mother-to-Be

The first picture of your baby. How exciting! And if the baby is still in the womb at the time the image is made, even better. It’s unique, it’s precious, it’s a way of announcing your pregnancy and it may also harm your baby and/or you.

The FDA has issued yet another warning against having an ultrasound done by a non-medical professional who promotes these first baby images as ‘keepsakes’. These non-medical professionals can be found in malls, baby products stores and other public locations where expectant mothers may be found, but mothers-to-be should heed the FDA warning and avoid them.

Ultrasound machines use waves to produce images of your unborn baby. Andrew Heiberger feels they are a safe and useful tool when used by the hand of a professional, but potentially harmful when used by a Johnny-come-lately at the local mall.

Ultrasound tools can and do produce a small amount of heat that can heat tissue up and create small bubbles in some tissues. Tissues of your developing baby. Tissues surrounding your baby. When the ultrasound machine is in the hand of an untrained person, the tendency is to make the session last too long or too require more than one session and the longer and more frequent the ultrasounds are administered, the great the risk of harm to the unborn baby and/or mother.

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