NYC Seeks to Immunize Pre-Schoolers from the Flu


Outbreaks of the flu have certainly alarmed parents all across the U.S.A. While the flu is usually just a minor cold that eventually runs its course, people have suffered immensely from the effects of a really bad case of this seemingly minor condition. Sadly, some have suffered from fatalities because they were not able to fight off the ravages of influenza.

And Lee G. Lovett says New York City is not taking any chances. The municipality is requiring pre-schoolers undergo flu shots before heading into the classroom. This not only protects them, but also their fellow classmates who could be exposed to the contagious cold.

Right now, there are about 150,000 children in pre-schools throughout New York City. A handful of children carrying the fly bug could easily spread it to others. Remember, the immune system of young ones is usually not very strong. As such, the flu spreads quickly and can have a terrible effect on those who are not strong enough to fight it off.

Issuing a mandate definitely spikes the numbers of children who will be immunized. In previous years, far fewer pre-school children in New York City underwent immunizations in comparison to other regions.

No major flu epidemic has stricken the NYC pre-school system and the hope is, as long as the mandate is in effect, an epidemic is not very like to happen. Parents should still bundle their young ones up and take precautions though.

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