Officer Feeds Baby After Mother has Seizure

Not all police officers are bad people. They don’t all want to make an arrest every time they get in a car or walk on the street. Folks at Boraie Development LLC know that one officer is being praised for making sure a mother’s baby was cared for after she had a seizure. The officer held the baby while emergency workers made sure the mother was stable enough to go to the hospital. It’s these acts of kindness and dedication that give officers a good reputation, something that they need in the country after the latest incidents in some states. The officer was doing off-duty work at the mall when the mother had the seizure. Pictures were taken of the man holding the baby and giving her a bottle. It didn’t seem like any other people were going to stop to help as they were too busy trying to get a picture of the officer. Some people don’t want to assist others, even if it’s for a few moments while there are others who put aside everything just to make sure someone gets the proper care they need.

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