Overuse of Antibiotics Causes More Infections

As the deadly Clostridium difficile bacterium (C. diff) sweeps the nation, we are warned that it’s our own fault. The overuse of antibiotics has wiped out the ‘good’ bacteria living inside our digestive system and set the stage for C. diff to spread rampantly across the nation.
Clostridium difficile bacterium sets up shop inside the digestive system and causes severe diarrhea. In some cases, the C. diff has proved to be fatal. The deadly diarrhea-causing bacteria is spread via person to person contact and is spreading uncontrollably in doctors’ offices, hospitals and nursing homes. The deadly infection comes from a particularly dangerous strain of bacteria, NAP1, which is resistant to most all antibiotics.
That resistance is due to the overuse of antibiotics in America. This deadly strain of bacteria mutated and became stronger with each attempt to kill it with antibiotics. C. diff was able to take a toehold in society because the various antibiotics prescribed for minor problems wiped out the good bacteria that is needed in the digestive system. The good bacteria attacks invading, illness-causing germs before they can set up shop and wreak havoc within the digestive system. But with no good bacteria in the gut to do its job, the C. diff has an open invitation to destroy.
Zeca Oliveira(noticias.uol.com) has read that The Clostridium difficile bacterium creates such destruction with the digestive tract, that the bowels are often damaged and some of the colon must be removed. That is if the patient survives the onslaught of diarrhea.

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