The Story Behind Robert Ivy, The Holder Of Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy has broken the record of being the first architect to receive the Polk Award. Robert is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. The Polk Award is usually given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, and it is awarded to art patrons and connected artists who have done extraordinary work. The award was first awarded to writer Eudora Welty then to actor Morgan Freeman.

Robert Ivy joins a list of several other people who have been honored by this award. During the awarding ceremony, Nancy LaForge, the president of MIAL noted that Robert had done extraordinary work of making architecture more accessible to the general public. Nancy further noted that there was no one else in Mississippi who could take the place of Robert in making architecture available. Robert Ivy is also a commentator, writer, and author on matters concerning architecture around the globe. The president of MIAL congratulated Ivy, noting that he has now taken his rightful place in the well-known and respected list of Noel Polk Award honorees.

The president of AIA, Carl Elefante also congratulated Robert on receiving one of the most respected awards in Mississippi. He acknowledged that Robert is the rightfully the ambassador for the architects. He further noted that the honor is not only a professional achievement for Robert but also a personal one since he is a native of Mississippi. Carl was delighted about the honors, which he noted that it had made the AIA proud.

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About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy became the CEO of AIA in 2011, and he has steered the growth of the company. In fact, Robert has ensured that the Architectural Record is the most widely distributed architectural journal across the globe. As a result, the journal has received an array of awards including the National Magazine Award that was awarded for general excellence. Robert has also received an honor from the Alpha Rho Chi, which is a national architecture fraternity for his effective communication on the value design. Surprisingly, Robert is among the seven people who have been awarded by the fraternity in its 100-year history. Additionally, Ivy received a Dean Medal in 2017 from the school of Architecture in the University of Arkansas Fay Jones.

The American Institute of Architects was established in 1857. It strives to ensure that communities and neighborhoods are more healthy, secure, valuable, and sustainable. The institute has over 200 international, local and state chapters and it encourages public notices that ensure the public well-being and economic vitality. The institute also offers the necessary resources and tools to help its members achieve success in their businesses and careers.

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Get This – Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Great At Bradesco, And Here’s Why

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the chairperson of the board of directors of Banco Bradesco – or Bradesco Bank, as the name of the Brazilian bank translates to in English. The 66-year-old longtime employee of Banco Bradesco has served across all of the financial institution’s C-suite-level ranks just over the past two decades. Only recently was Mr. Trabuco removed from the position of President – the position can best be compared to the spot of Chief Executive Officer in most all companies around the United States – as he was forced to step down from his role in favor of the younger Octavio de Lazari Junior, a fellow longtime employee of the bank, as Bradesco sought to reduce the average age of its executive team members in efforts to compete with online banks more effectively. Read this article at Glamurama.

Here’s what you need to know about Luiz Carlos Trabuco and his tenure at Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco was just 17 years of age – he was still enrolled in Brazil’s equivalent of high school at the time – when he first began working for the then-largest bank in all of Brazil, Banco Bradesco. Though he started off in the position of the lowest rank within the company, he rapidly earned a promotion into Bradesco’s corporate headquarters after working just two short years in the company’s Marilia branch, the same city where Trabuco was born. Read this article at

As all hard-working employees eventually do, Mr. Trabuco eventually became a trusted member of the directorial staff of Bradesco

At the age of 32, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was trusted with the position of the companywide director of marketing. In this capacity, Mr. Trabuco worked diligently for eight years before getting a promotion to the enviable position of Chief Executive Officer – but not of Banco Bradesco – of Bradesco’s pension-related branch.

Here’s what is going on today within Bradesco

Bradesco’s market share has steadily dropped over the past three years in favor of digital banks. In trying to keep up with the quickly-changing times, Trabuco’s classic mindset was traded for the digital-heavy Lazari Junior.


Swine Event: David McDonald OSI Group

Swine day takes place on June 28th of this month. It’s an educational event that brings together swine producers which will be held at the Iowa State University Scheman building. For directions, the physical address is 1805 center drive in Ames. Swine producers attending this event can look forward to listening to high quality speakers that will touch on topics pork producers face when producing in the United States.

The conference has had success over the years and last year nearly 450 attendees were present. The morning sessions are kicked off by Ray and Dave price from Canada’s Sunterra farms. They will share their detailed strategy that they used to transition their company. They are known for their traditional farrow-to-finish farm that was established in the 1970s. Now as a multinational company, they produce, export and retail pork. They have an impressive innovation that uses Italian dry cured meat. They have constructed a plant in Canada and formed a partnership with the Simonini family from Modena Italy.

One of the most recognized speakers will be David McDonald. OSI group, has employed David McDonald for many years. He will give an overall view of what the food industry will be like in the future on the global platform. David McDonald is no stranger to seeing the changing trends in the meat processing business. As a board member for the North American meat institute, David McDonald as many diverse leadership roles. He shares his thoughts about protein consumption and the influence on the market. David McDonald has continued to watch the industry grow and understands how to maneuver within it.

The president for Jeff Ansell and associates will present “When the headline is you.” This entertaining and practical presentation will give attendees a sense of how to retain a stance in the industry. As a professor of both Duke and Harvard university in the past, Jeff Ansell will give practical tips and effective ideas on way to improve client communication.

Directly after lunch, attendees can experience a list of sessions with 16 presentations. They can choose between several topics and even get pertinent updates.

Sheldon Lavin reveals what is behind his success.

Sheldon Lavin graduated from Roosevelt University in Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. He also had further studies related to his career at the University of Northwestern. Putting the skills and experience, Lavin had acquired from university into practice; he ventured into entrepreneurial business opening Sheldon Levin and Associates, Inc. a finance consultancy firm located in Chicago. In due process, he joined Otto& Sons a family meat market which later expanded and was renamed as OSI Industries producing label brand foods and co-packs important brand name items for it is various Foodservice and Retail customers. He is currently the CEO of the OSI Industries.

As the Chairman and the CEO of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin is concerned with international investments overseeing the OSI International Inc.OSI Industries LLC and International Foods LLC. India investment portfolio is an example of investments he is responsible for.Through his creativity in business, OSI Industries is among the leading private companies worldwide offering its services to over 15 countries. It is a renowned mega-billion dollar investment a supplier of quality standard readymade meals to consumers, e.g., hot dogs, pizza, poultry, and vegetables. His great leadership and managerial abilities have expanded to across to India and Europe thus helping the company grow financially as also has a good relationship with his employees. His success is mainly attributed to his ability to plan and prepare for the future thus setting him apart from the crowd.

Lavin has not only shown his interest in the OSI Industries but has also demonstrated philanthropic efforts. He believes in helping his community and globally at large hence he is a donator to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation he together with her wife has raised up three children.Additionally.Sheldon Lavin has received numerous awards over the years out of his business and leadership performance. In 2006, he was accorded the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy for being an exemplary leader of the company. During his tenure as the CEO of OSI Industries, he has helped the company receive environmental and sustainability awards.Sheldon Lavin believes that OSI industries will flourish to greater heights as he is willing to inspire leaders and raise a generation with leadership abilities which will help stimulate the employees and community at large.

Infinity Group Australia Quality Financial Services Provider in Australia

For many people in Australia who are struggling with their finances and can do with some amount of financial expertise and advice, consulting with the experts at Infinity Group Australia is a good idea. Whether you are tired paying your debt that seems like an endless journey or wants to plan your retirement in the way that you can live your retirement dreams without any hiccups, Infinity Group Australia can help. The company has years of experience in the field of financial advisory and debt reduction and can work with the various banks and commercial organizations to get you the best deal and investment products that would eventually lead you to the business goals that you want to achieve.



Infinity Group Australia is a company that continues to be named as one of the top financial advisory firms in the country. Over the past few years, the company has been able to help thousands of individuals to reduce their debt considerably and plan their wealth creation goals that are risk-adjusted and by their financial goals. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started the company because they were passionate about finance as well as helping people achieve their financial goals. What they saw at the time was that many people are struggling massively with their finances, mostly due to the bad deal they purchased from the bank or the higher prices charged to them for no reasons whatsoever.



Many times, the banks and the other financial companies charge their customers much more than they should. It makes it unbearable for the customers at times to be able to get out of the financial burden they are in. The financial burden put by the debt can continue to increase with time, especially if you do not pay it back or delay in making payments. The representatives of Infinity Group Australia would help you get a better deal from the banks and financial companies so that the financial burden on you is reduced to a great extent. It would help you save more money and help you plan your wealth creation goals with ease. The Infinity Group Australia can also help you with wealth creation as well. They offer personalized financial services that would make it easier for you to reach your financial goals. Checking out Infinity Group Australia reviews would help you understand the quality of services the company provides and how it can help you.

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Private Air Travel Club Surf Air Announces New Partnerships To Help Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary

Surf Air is an exclusive private air travel club that offers members an unlimited number of flights every month. The company strives to provide a stress-free flying experience. Surf Air has private air crafts that are available throughout the United States and Europe. Surf Air also provides global charter services through the Surf Anywhere program. The majority of Surf Air members are leisure and regional business travelers.

The Company is celebrating its 5 year anniversary this month. To help celebrate this huge achievement, Surf Air members will receive new membership benefits. Surf Air wants to thank their members for their loyalty. Surf Air experiences started as a way to help members receive a great flying experience in California.

Surf Air is proud to announce their new partnerships with All Roads North, FoundersCard, and The Private Suite LAX. All Roads North has helped create road trips across the United States. All Roads North works closely with different lodges, hotels, and ranches to create a great experience. Surf Air members can enjoy different travel packages throughout California.

FoundersCard has a large community of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who receive special networking opportunities and additional benefits. Members have access to special VIP travel packages. Members who book their stay at a luxury hotel or resort can receive special rates and amenities, as well as adjusted cancellation options.

As part of Surf Air’s partnership with The Private Suite LAX, members will receive special benefits while waiting for their flight at Los Angeles International Airport. Members will be driven to their airplane with their baggage already taken care of. Members can wait in a private suite with their own bathroom, food pantry, and daybed.

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Profile of The Great Ted Bauman

This great man Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and was raised up in Eastern Maryland. He later migrated to South Africa when he was a young man and joined Cape Town University where he Graduated with a post-graduate degree in economics and history. In his twenty-fifth career in the African country, he served in different executive roles in a nonprofit department and also as a financing manager in housing projects, which were of low cost. One of his greatest efforts was to fund international slum dwellers with coming up with a plan, which came into the help of over 14 million people in different 35 countries.


In the early 2000s, Ted was employed as a consultant, writing and researching heavily in finance, urban planning and housing for the World Bank, United Nations, and the South African Government. In 2008 Bauman returned to the United States as an International Housing Program for Habitat for Humanity International as a Director. Follow Ted on

In 2013 Ted left this work for a full-time job as a writer and a researcher. When working on international housing projects, he got an opportunity to visit more than 75 countries extensively in Africa, Latin America, and Europe. By this traveling, Ted Bauman got the experience and learned the aspects of investing in storing his wealth in different countries and different types of businesses.


Writing Job

In his Monthly newsletter, which is The Bauman Letter, Bauman recommends and advices people on economic opportunities and personal solutions. Besides, he also writes on the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert and also specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and migration issues. Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta with his entire family, and he has spent his whole life helping people directly to put them in touch with the needed resources to lead a true sovereign life free from governmental oversight and greed.

Ted Bauman helps people discover their abilities and live the life they have always dreamed. Bauman still searches for safe ways to help people and grow their wealth. Ted Bauman is a great man who is worth emulating and learning from his achievements. Read the Q&A session with Ted on

The Paramount Leadership Roles Wes Edens Played for Fortress Investment and Other Ventures

The growth of Fortress Investment Group LLC would be probably unimaginable and unrealized without the involvement of its principal and co-chairman Wes Edens. In an article from Business Wire, such relevance of Wes Edens in the growth, prosperity and expansion of Fortress since it was founded is being affirmed to be evident, too. It also adds the official statement of what Wes Edens thought of the recent acquisition decision of OneMain Financial by Springleaf. Wes Edens shared that being a shareholder of Springleaf, he believes that the recent transaction is a bold and compelling decision both financially and strategy-wise.

Such decision would combine the strengths of the two companies and bring forth the best set of products and services for their clients. With similar cultures and management teams that see things in a way that balances unique perspective and unity, this new decision would then be an exciting opportunity for growth. The article also added that Fortress has about 73 million shares already of Springleaf after Fortress purchased 80% stake for American General Finance, that reached to about $125 million. Edens also shared that the collaboration would create a premium consumer-centered company that would serve about 2.5 million customers.

About Wes Edens

Edens’ career in Fortress starts as being its co-chairman, co-founder and principal when the company was founded in 1998. Also, with Edens’ role in the company, Fortress is able to build a reputation of being a diversified global investment company with about $67.5 billion of assets under its management. Before his work at Fortress, he went to the Oregon State University in 1984 to get a B.S. degree. It is also in the public executive profile of Edens that he’s the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, which is an NBA-licensed franchise from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The growth of the League of Legends game team FlyQuest is also possible because of Edens’ ownership role. There’s also a number of advisory boards today where Edens plays a solid role. Some of them include Springleaf Holdings where he’s a board member in 2010. He’s also the Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, as well as the Chairman of the Board for New Senior Investment Group.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Guilherme Paulus

Today Guilherme Paulus can be able to take his children to any destination or college they want thanks to the significant success he has achieved as an entrepreneur in the Brazilian tourism industry. Growing up, however, was very different as he did not come from a wealthy background. Guilherme Paulus was, in fact, unable to pursue his dream of pursuing medicine as his parents could not afford it. This would propel him to become an entrepreneur, and it is exactly what he has done more than forty years later.

Guilherme Paulus first joined the world of business when he established CVC. His was a vision of one day taking over the tour industry. He was determined to grow the company from an idea in his head to something tangible and of significant value. This dream was made possible by pure tenacity at times when there was not much going on in the said industry. After several years of struggling CVC would finally pick up and as today he gives the impressive numbers the group keeps posting you can’t help but feel envious.

Read more: Como o bilionário Guilherme Paulus pretende se tornar o maior hoteleiro do Brasil

During the Top Seller Event where he was a guest speaker, he was in a position to provide some numbers that included 9,086 travel agents some of these are located in the 1,164 stores run by the company. These are spread out in all the states having a presence in at least 456 cities. These levels of investment and expansion have been made possible by constantly plowing back profits and an aggressive growth strategy according to These travel agencies were able to bring CVC 3,978,018 passengers in 2016. This number was expected to grow the following year given the promising start they had and the expanding tourism sector, and as of October 2017, CVC had already recorded 3,681,624 passengers already catered to. \

The continued growth of CVC was further enabled by Carlyle, which bought a controlling stake in 2009. They came in with enough money and expertise to help grow the company to greater heights. Their entry into the organization could not have been better placed as at the time Guilherme Paulus was eyeing bigger growth given the scheduled world cup and summer Olympics that were slated to take place in Brazil in 2014 and 2016 respectively. This boost in the capital has been essential as CVC was recently able to acquire one of its smaller competitors Experimento for about 4.3 million dollars. This buy out was meant to cement its position as market leader.

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OSI’s David McDonald Leads the Way for Spanish Plant Opening

David Mcdonald, President of OSI Group, LLC, is perhaps the biggest meat company president in the world (and certainly in the United States). President David McDonald has been in the food industry for over thirty years, starting with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. David’s career has spanned throughout many different corporations and is not limited to OSI. For a period of time, David was appointed the chairman of the entire North American Meat Institute. David McDonald has been so successful with his work at OSI Group that his company has become the most awarded recipient of food industry awards in recent history. Some of the awards that OSI has won have included the 2017 International Safety Award from the U.K., the “Sword of Honour” and “Globe of Honour” awards (also U.K.), and even other awards earned throughout countries like Austria, India, and Germany and more

Other countries like Spain have now even become the distribution hub of OSI’s Southern European operations. This distance between supply and demand is so great, actually, that OSI is building a new facility in Spain to keep up and grow its operations. The Spanish OSI building (located in Toledo) stands to produce for both Portuguese and Spanish markets as a way to generate double the output as prior. In the past there was 12,000 tons of meat produced per year; this number now becomes 24,000 or more tons per year.

The physical building itself is going to consist of 20,000 square footage: a cost of roughly €17,000,000. The factory will both generate twice the output and storage space, and will also house a new production unit, shipping unit, a break room , a climate controlled space for ample storage, and even a testing facility for inventing new food products. As of now, there are more than 160 workers at David’s new Iberian facility and 20 of those workers are new hires to match the enlarged demand. David McDonald additionally added a modern fire prevention system, on top of greater fence security and security cameras. (This all is in addition to the building achieving 20% fewer energy use than older plants).

OSI Group is located near Chicago and was founded in 1909. Right now, OSI makes a variety of products that include the likes of smoked meats, pizza toppings, hamburger patties, hot dogs, bacon, and more.