Sheldon Lavin- CEO of giant food production company OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of food Production Company known as OSI group. Sheldon Lavin has moved from a very humble beginning to become the head of this global food production company, which is biggest in the world. Sheldon has excellent leadership skills which have made him the best in the food production industry. In one of the recent articles, he talks about his leadership skills as well as the future of the food production company.

OSI Group was started over a hundred years ago. OSI Group was started in 1909 by an entrepreneur Otto Kolschowsky. OSI Group started as a butcher shop as well as a meat market. Back then it was known as Otto & Sons, USA. Currently, it has grown from this humble beginning to become a global company that has a presence in over 65 locations. They also have other partners in other parts of the world. CEO Sheldon Lavin is determined to take the company through consistent growth until it expands its operations to all parts of the world. He is focused on green practices, sustainability, and food safety as the key factors that will drive the growth of this company. Recently, OSI Group has been on an expansion mission. It is opening up operations in places outside of the United States, the aim is to reach as many parts of the world as possible.

OSI Group growth started from the period it was known as Otto &Sons in the year 1955. Its serious growth started when it was contracted by the McDonald’s to supply hamburgers. In 1973, they opened a special, branch that was dedicated to serving the interests of McDonald’s only. The company at this time was headed by two sons of Otto. Sheldon Lavin would join the company later to help the two sons with the management of the business. He was soon elevated to position of a partner.

As McDonald’s grew, Sheldon Lavin helped OSI Group company to follow in the footsteps by ensuring that they expanded their production systems to meet the new demands from McDonald’s. OSI Group in the 1980’s expanded to other countries while at the same time opening new production plants in the United States. With the company opening new branches in Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Austria, Mexico, Philippines and China and still expanding its operations in the united states, it was destined for a better future. Sheldon Lavin was determined to see the company achieve more and he has surely managed to achieve that.

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Why Organo Gold’s Coffee Should Be Part of Everyone’s Diet

Organo Gold has established itself as one of the leading global network marketing companies distributing premium coffee. The company came to be in 2008 courtesy of Bernardo T. Chua who is a health and fitness enthusiast. His vision for the company is to enable coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite beverage while deriving health benefits from the drink. To this end, Organo Gold’s coffee contains Ganoderma lucidum from the lingzhi mushroom. Studies have confirmed that the bioactive additive leads to improved health. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

In addition to coffee, Organo Gold sells other products designed to improve the quality of life of users. The company’s body management and personal care products resonate well with clients who are health conscious. Clients have a chance of becoming part of Organo Gold and earning an income.

Organo Gold’s insistence on the health benefits of coffee was confirmed recently with the publication of two studies in the ‘’Annals of Internal Medicine” that speak to the same. A European study investigating the coffee drinking habits of over half a million people in ten countries found strikingly similar findings to an American research focused on the coffee drinking habits of 185,000 people. The American survey went on for 16 years with people under study regularly reporting their coffee drinking habits. Follow Organo Gold on

Seasoned researchers such as Veronica W. Setiawan, a medical professor at the University of Southern California contributed to the study. According to her, regardless of race, habitual coffee drinking was responsible for over 18 percent decrease in the chance of death. Coffee reduces the chances of an individual contracting heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes urological disorders including kidney diseases and as a result, the chances of individuals dying from the mentioned diseases are drastically reduced. Although Setiawan and her peers could not provide scientific explanations regarding their findings, they are convinced that coffee is good.

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White Shark Media – Testimonials and Services

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2010. The business currently has more than 600 active clients and is a partner of three of the largest business such as Microsoft, Google, and Bing.

As a business, White Shark Media values their clients above all and that dedication is evident in the reviews that clients have left. The business owners vary from people working apparel to tech companies and beyond. With just 144 employees working full time, White Shark Media has been enjoying a prosperous start of their journey.

Most of the reviews of White Shark Media talk about their evaluation services as well as their friendly approach to client requests. Something invaluable about an online marketing agency is exactly the desire to talk to the client and help out. According to the testimonials, the team at White Shark Media has been described as friendly, communicative, and professional.

Another point that reviews of White Shark Media have been bringing up is the campaigns that the company performs. From the management of AdWords to evaluations, clients state that they owe most of their success to the intuitive and effortless way of White Shark Media and the pleasant experience f working with the online marketing agency.

White Shark Media is in fact still serving their vary the first client to this day. That is an impressive feat for any company to manage and maintain for seven years now. The client has stated that they grew their business perpendicular to the growth of White Shark Media.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, A Star Over Texas!!!

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a stellar background. Her education began at the University of Texas in Undergrad School and she graduated in 1994. Doctor Walden then followed that with Medical School at the Medical Branch at Galveston, again in the University of Texas system where she graduated in 1998. Internship was completed in 1999 at the University Of Texas Medical Branch Galveston.

Dr. Jennifer Walden completed her Residency in Galveston at the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2003. Then leaving Austin, she headed for New York City where she would complete her fellowship at the Prestigious Manhattan Eye Ear & Throat Hospital in 2004.

Practicing in New York she finally moved back to start her own practice in Austin. She owns her own business titled the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and has her own fully accredited office and operating suite at Westlake Medical Center. Dr. Walden and her staff maintain the highest standard of safety.

Procedures Dr. Walden performs are many, mainly focusing on cosmetic surgery she also specializes in training other plastic surgeons in laser techniques for fat grafting, face lifts and breast implants. From abdominoplasty to Wound Repair and everything in between, Dr. Jennifer Walden is surgeon at the top of her discipline and standing strong, always learning and teaching she is the surgeon that you want to pick for your procedure.

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Mark Holterman a Medical Champion with a Heart for Children

Dr. Mark Holterman is a major Ph.D. holder with a long experience of over 20 years in the field of research and medical practice. Dr. Mark was teaching at the University of Illinois School of medicine. He is a specialist in Surgery and also is passionate about children which made him a well-known figure in the field of pediatrics. Dr. Mark Holterman through his vigorous and dedication to research, he was awarded by the American Diabetes Association for his good work in the research about Diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is associated with the funding of researchers who are committed to doing research in the field or area associated with diabetes. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Dr. Mark Holterman is not a man limited to his area of study alone. He has also been seen to use his specialties to help the community around him. This has been evident where he has been supportive of the children in Vietnam through an organization called International Pediatric Specialists alliance for Children in Vietnam. This organization seeks to make the availability of medicine to the children in Vietnam.

In addition to the charity and the great community work that Dr. Mark Holterman does, he has also started his own foundations. Dr. Mark opened the Hannah sunshine Foundation which through it, he has been helping children by using therapies mostly cellular and regenerative to combat diseases which need such urgency. This foundation was formed as a result of very youthful individuals who received the therapies they needed. View Mark Holterman’s Linkedin profile.

One of the young youthful individuals who inspired the formation of this foundation went through a successful therapy who suffered from Systematic Juvenile idiopathic arthritis. This disease is a different one from other kinds of arthritis whereby it affects the lungs, liver and even the heart making these organs to collapse.

To add on to what he has done in the pediatric field, Dr. Mark Holterman was involved in a life saving surgery. This is where he took part in a transplant of a very young child who needed a trachea transplant. This surgery was the first of its kind and to make it better, it was the first successful one of that kind.


Securus Technologies: Innovation, Ingenuity & Excellence

Securus Technologies has done it again thanks to the company’s ability to redefine inmate safety. We take great pride in knowing that our security measures are at the apex of the industry. Solving crimes is a top priority for us, but we can take it a step further by potentially preventing crimes from ever happening. How? Here at Securus, we implement and use some of the most advanced preventative crime technologies of today. We also work with corrections officials as well as law enforcement on a weekly basis. Like the old saying goes, ” an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Not to toot our own horn, but we can provide security measures such as biometric analysis, communication, incident management, emergency response and investigative tools. No other organization in this field of work comes close to what we’re doing. Though we’re headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we serve well over 1 million inmates across the U.S. This also includes over 3,000 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies. Whether it’s for selling drugs, or it’s for the use of alcohol in the facilities, we have made numerous arrests both inside and outside of the prison system.

Our innovative solutions have also gone on to catch many corrupt law enforcement personnel. Our technologies can monitor phone calls as well as posses the capability of obtaining search warrants. This covers the full gambit on a consistent basis. In a sense, our DNA, and our reputation was built on creating the best possible environment and that speaks volumes. Tons of emails and letters are sent to us on a weekly basis. These emails and letters solute of on a job well-done. Securus Technologies is raising the bar higher than ever before, and we’re changing the current status quo.

Eli Gershkovitch Professional Achievements

Canadian beer industry has reported a drastic increase regarding its production level and its profit margin. It is headed by Eli Gershkovitch who is the current CEO. There is high demand in the beer industry among the consumers, and this has led to many companies joining the beer industry to curb the increasing demand. Steamworks Brewery is a crucial player in the Canadian beer industry which contributes profoundly to the production level of beer in the market thus enhancing the tremendous increase in the Canadian beer industry. Craft beer has been embraced by all people regardless of their age, and this is a clear indication of its bright future ahead. The expansion is happening in both rural and urban set ups. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Eli Gershkovitch is the current CEO of Steamworks beer company in Canada who exercises daily operations, executions, and management of the entire business activities. Steamworks is a beer company which was started in 1995 in the city of Gastown in Vancouver. The company has expanded under his management due to his ability to improve the general customer service and quality delivery. Eli Gershkovitch has a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur which has helped him to be more creative and make more innovations. He can predict the future market trends, and therefore this enabled him to start a beer industry when market demanded.

Eli Gershkovitch is also a professional lawyer who has much knowledge in his career. He has practiced as an Attorney before joining the beer industry. He assisted many clients who were in the liquor field to attain legal license to start their businesses, and this made him develop passion in the beer industry. He holds high profile in the beer industry in Canada due to his quality skills. Apart from practicing law, he has enrolled in other short courses in the art field, among them skiing. Read this article at

Eli Gershkovitch passion for beer industry made him take a trip to Heidelberg in Germany where he visited a microbrewery to learn more about liquor. The trip convinced him to venture in the beer industry. It is under Eli management and leadership that has seen Steamworks grow from a 2000-hectoliter to a 4000-hectoliter facility. Apart from the beer business, he has also ventured in Food and beverage sector in Vancouver which also performed marvelously.

Eli Gershkovitch is a simple man in real life despite his position in the business field. His mode of dressing is very different from other CEO, s and this helps him to relate freely with his customers thus adding him a competitive advantage in the market. He believes that innovation is the mother of every success in all business ventures.


Todd Lubar Offers Insights into the Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a prominent figure in the real estate industry. He is ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the US, a position he has held onto for years. Todd has been in the industry since 1995. He schooled in the Washington based Sidwell Friends School and The Peddie School afterward. He went on to acquire a degree in speech communication from Syracuse University.

Todd believes that Baltimore presents multiple real estate opportunities. Known as the Charm City to many, it has numerous young professionals in dire need of suitable apartments. Baltimore’s friendly community and its relatively low cost of living compared to Washington DC make the city a choice for young people. Harbor East attracts young professionals because of its dining and shopping options. New apartments, restaurants, and shops must be constructed to support this increased population. Thereby giving Baltimore’s real estate industry the boost it needs.

Real estate developers in the area will have to include the young couples and recent graduates’ preferences when it comes to housing. There have been massive changes in Baltimore’s real estate industry. Noticeable is the conversion of old buildings into chic apartments. Under Armour, for instance, has transformed the ground level to an expansive gym and training grounds. The former Bank of America building is currently home to nice apartments.

After graduation, Todd Lubar began working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation for four years. He then proceeded to work for Legacy Financial Group where he found room to build his career. Todd later founded a real estate business, Legendary Properties. In 2003 he started Charter Funding which enabled him to expand his business he became senior VP of Charter Funding during the mortgage industry chaos of 2007-2008. You can visit

Todd Lubar also has other businesses including a demolition company. His experience in the finance sector has helped boost his value, and many home buyers prefer his services. Today, Todd is the President of the TDL Global Ventures besides being the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. He believes in surrounding himself with the right people and continuously promoting the essence of growth. He is a family man that spends quality time with his kids and enjoys drinking coffee. Check out his website to see more.

George Soros Philanthropic Mission Success Stories

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He is from a Jewish family, but they did not like the fact that they were Jews. His father who was a lawyer went further and changed their family name from George Schwartz to the now famous Soros. This was another wise, protective measure which helped had their identity. His father, Tivadar was a renowned lawyer and had even been jailed in world war 1. He was released, and that’s when he went back to Hungary to stay with family after spending his time in Russia and learn more about George Soros.

Hungary was invaded by Nazi Germany when Soros was only 13 years. He witnessed all the atrocities that used to happen whereby so many women and children were being killed. That is the time during which Jewish children were denied the right to attend schools. Soros and his fellow Jews could be told to report to the Jewish council. It was a sad moment for them, and they feared for their dear lives and also their future. For them to survive the war that killed so many people, his father bought documents that sealed their identity, and they started being treated as Christians. In the year 1944 and 1945, that is when things had worsened, and the young Soros was only 14 years. Budapest war that was a door to door operations and claimed the lives of over 500, 000 civilians and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George later got a chance to advance his studies at England. The school London School of Economics was amongst the most famous during those times. Soros decided to advance his studies with a bachelors degree in Philosophy. He performed exemplary well despite the challenges he endured while being a student at the school. He did masters at the same school and graduated in the year 1954. During the time he was at that school. He used to look for jobs to sustain him there, and that is how he succeeds.

After University, George Soros immigrated again to the United States. It was the beginning of his journey, and he applied for jobs in the finance industry there. At times things could become tough, and he even describes the moment as the lowest in his life. He was focused on becoming a great financial analyst and ended up working as a European Stock analyst at FM Mayer, Wertheim and Co and many other companies. During those times, he used to work with great forex traders and even started experimenting their strategies. As a result, he formed second edge Fund which later became successful in very few years. He resigned and established Soros Fund Management.

George Soros after succeeding with Soros Fund Management became a great Philanthropist. He has been sharing his fortune with the less fortunate in the society and is believed to have donated $18 billion to an organization called Open Society Foundation. He is tirelessly doing very well and has successfully ventured into serious donations. His great passion for helping the world has been derived from his unstable upbringing that is as a result of unstable governments and Follow him

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The Indisputable Fame Of Roberto Santiago

Born in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, Roberto Santiago grew up to become one of the shrewdest investors in his home region. At 58 years of age, he is now a sportsman, a smart entrepreneur, and a man with a pure passion for entertainment. To develop his dream of happiness for all, Roberto has contributed a lot to the growth of his home city of Joao Pessoa. In fact, he’s the man behind the whole drive.

In November 1989, Roberto Santiago came up with a brilliant idea of venturing into business, and he chose his home city to kick-start this. That’s how the Manaira Shopping came into being. By building the huge complex, Roberto pioneered what would turn the city into a major business hub as other investors moved in to put up their big centers. The housing industry also picked up and led to the appreciation of the houses and property surrounding the city. In turn, this development has led to the overall economic growth of the region as more business work opportunities arise as a result.

The growth has also fueled infrastructural development and bettered the city regarding expansion and population. All this has happened because of the Manaira Shopping complex built by Roberto Santiago. Boasting the best cinematic technology available in its 11 movie theaters, this complex houses many leisure and entertainment joints that further confirm Roberto’s love for the good things in life. Also, Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping complex is the largest in the area, also housing the biggest concert hall in Joao Pessoa.

To further ensure that his complex remains great, Roberto has had the Manaira Shopping undergo extensive expansions five times since its building in 1989. As a result, the building now houses everything related to entertainment and leisure under it. Here, you’ll find food courts and great restaurants with the best chefs on the job. There are also gyms, ballrooms, VIP rooms, 3D rooms, Stadium Systems fit for cinemas, luxurious armchairs and over 200 different electronic game machines that are enough to get anyone spoilt for choice.

Being a smart investor and entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago knows when to hit his jackpots. In fact, his business ventures have managed to weather the storms of the recent economic crises and came out on top. He never stops developing. Every year, he expands his businesses to exploit new opportunities and find more ways to contribute to the region’s economic and social growth. His ventures have created jobs and uplifted many people’s economic and social status, and that’s something that he has to be thanked for. In simple terms, Roberto Santiago’s activities in Joao Pessoa are almost messianic. It’s all apparent from the effects they’ve fueled.

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