Vijay Eswaran Inspires Countless People

Vijay Eswaran has cut a wide swath as a motivational speaker. The visionary behind QI Group is happy to pass along the secrets of his success and experiences great satisfaction in so doing. Recently he sat down for a Q&A session and some of his answers are quite revealing regarding a success-oriented mindset.

One important facet of Eswaran’s guiding light is determination. He lives by it and urges others in the pursuit of fulfillment and success to adopt his framework which has propelled him to the highest level of achievement.

He’s a very effective speaker when he reminds people that perseverance is something that anyone can summon up. Part of his brilliance as a speaker is his ability to take a simple concept like perseverance or determination and show the inexperienced or those who are struggling what a great difference it can make.

He provides another excellent piece of insight when he teaches that each person has a different path to success. Everyone’s “recipe” will be unique unto themselves. There are no clones in real life and accomplishment is about failing and learning and plunging forward in the wake of adversity. Vijay Eswaran also maintains a realistic demeanor when speaking of success. The path of success is rarely easy and is usually filled with setbacks, failures, and relaunches.

Another valuable nugget of wisdom entails the notion that one must get started before serendipity or providence or fate can come to your aid.

Eswaran again provides sage advice when he relates that the right time and place will never come unless one moves out of the starting blocks. Vijay Eswaran also highlights the difference between wishes and action. Success is impervious to wishes and only responds to actions.

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder of the QI Group which has been wildly successful in e-commerce since 1998. They are broadly diversified into many categories such as retail and direct sales, telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure, luxury and collectibles, education, training and conference management, property development and logistics.

The QI Group has inspired many and provides quality products and services across Asia. He is also an accomplished author and humanitarian with his philanthropic endeavors.

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Oncotarget, The Driver of Medical Research

Oncotarget is an open-get to journal that is distributed by Impact Journal. It was begun in 2010 and is discharged online week by week. It generally distributes papers on oncology. Its central goal is to guarantee that all maladies are annihilated. The diary is listed in the Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, Index Medicus, and PubMed. Oncotarget is positioned profoundly among therapeutic diaries, particularly those that are open-get to. The diary has found the middle value of an effective component of 5.0 for as far back as five years. Its prosperity can be credited to the polished skill and mastery of the editors and the individuals from the article board. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

The primary boss editors of Impact diary were Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudcov. They are presently working at Rosewall Park Cancer Institute. The therapeutic diary is essentially critical on the grounds that it offers ingenious logical investigation. It likewise gives assistance to individuals who are either influenced or contaminated to have a superior comprehension to battle and handle the malady. In 2015, oncotarget was positioned number one among the numerous oncology diaries in the States.

The essential point of oncotarget is to end up noticeably one of the best restorative specialists in oncology. The therapeutic diary, Oncotarget distributed an article in 2015 that turned out to be useful. They called the report the effect of HuR obstacle by the little atom MS-444 on disease cells. The condition, tumor is one of the destructive infections introduce as of now more especially its branch security disease is positioned third as the best growth that causes demise. Since Oncortaget was set up, it has gone about as a stage where individuals share vital thoughts to produce conceivable arrangements.

An essential perspective about the medicinal diary is that it assumes an extremely noteworthy part in guiding the general population to comprehend oncology. The medicinal research diary people groups to get more data on the counteractive action and treatment of security tumor. Download output styles at

The editors are perceived experts in therapeutic research. Gudkov is a senior VP of medicinal research and an educator at the Institute. Blagosklonny is an oncology teacher. Its article board contains regarded researchers and scientists who have won various honors including the Lasker Prize and the Breakthrough Prize.


Coveted Prize Awarded to Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto

Mr. Omar Yunes has had a hugely successful career being a part of the famous Japanese food chain Sushi Itto. He got a job at one of the many units of the company and was promoted a handful of times over the years. Today, Mr. Omar Yunes is one of the franchisees of the food chain, and he is also the winner of the 2015 edition of the yearly competition for the Best Franchisee in the World.

The competition of BFW is the most coveted recognition in the industry. A grand jury evaluates franchisees who participate in the contest based on a number of aspects of their career. The grand prize is awarded to franchisees who have been conscientious with money, made many improvements and have been active in their feedback and suggestions. A very important aspect is the way the franchises have been treating their employees. Judges evaluate whether the franchise has been a good role model for the professional environment of the employees and if they have been inspiring and motivating for the teams they have been directing.

The award for the Best Franchise in the World is a very high honor and recognition. The ceremony at which Mr. Omar Yunes received the reward was held in Italy, in the historic city of Florence. It lasted the whole night, and a few hundred guests attended it. At the ceremony, there were representatives of companies from different industries from more than 30 countries. There were executives and employees as well.

Presently, Mr. Omar Yunes is on top of ten percent of Sushi Itto which amounts to a total of 13 eating spots. There are teams of employees which amount to four hundred people. Mr. Omar Yunes is responsible for all of those people. His tasks include giving directions and overlooking the efficiency and productivity levels of the teams. Mr. Omar Yunes also has to coordinate between the teams and units. All of the units that he owns are located in South America. Some are in the area of New Mexico; others are in Veracruz, among other places. Mr. Omar Yunes has made many contributions.

One Woman’s Battle For School Choice

It is difficult to take a political position that is different than the political party of which you are a member. Sometimes people back a position they do not agree with simply because it is what the majority of their party believes in. That is not the case with Eva Moskowitz though. She will stand by what she believes in no matter what.


The battle that Eva Moskowitz has decided to take on is that of school choice. She wants to see charter schools going up, and she wants parents to have the ability to send their children to any school that they see fit. She has gained a fair amount of both supporters and detractors by taking this position.


Eva Moskowitz can and will take meetings with people from the Republican Party. She herself is a registered Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. However, party politics matter a lot less to Eva Moskowitz than does seeing her dream of charter schools become a reality.


She has already had some success with some of the charter schools she has worked on. Take Success Academy as an example. She worked on that school, and the results were amazing. In fact, she has touted that particular school as something that the nation can look to as a model of what charter schools can really be. She hopes that people really will point to that school and realize just how possible it is to have those types of results all throughout the country.


Eva Moskowitz is not afraid to take some heat from those within her own political party if it means getting the solutions she seeks. She has already proven that her methods work, and that is what matters to her. The rest of the arguments that people make are primarily political and not practical.

Creating Subsidized Health Products

The health of an individual is personal and key. This is because there is nothing that we can do without health. Cancer is a health hazard for all victims. It is expensive and painful to cure. It keeps on developing new cases. Cancer needs focus to create an appropriate treatment. The Cancer Treatment Centers are avenues for developing subsidized cancer treatment. This makes it easy for the citizens because they can approach treatment that is affordable. The victims have opportunities to access the affordable and quality treatment that ensures they save money. Most affordable health solutions are not quality. Cancer Treatment Centers offer improved health care that is cheap and quality.

The Centers are located in suitable places for all people to access them. They are located in various cities. This enables the centers to achieve their goals and mission. The Cancer Centers are dedicated to providing quality treatment options to people living with Cancer. This commitment enables them to develop the right treatment for the victims. The Cancer Treatment Center has the best equipment and medical aid. This makes it easy for the center to achieve its goals. The centers offer the best solutions that are provided in other health centers. This enables people to prioritize the centers because they provide services that are competitive. The Centers collaborate with various partners to improve their health care services. They collaborate with health care providers and health care research providers. This enhances the delivery of the center because they are able to meet to needs of the victims and help them solve their challenges. Social institutions can address the needs of people and affordably offer quality products. Most subsidized products have low quality. The Cancer Centers offers both quality and affordability. Relevant partners should be encouraged to help meet the needs of the victims.

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US Money Reserve Releases New Information On Gold Buying In Ebook

One America’s largest gold wholesale companies just put out a new ebook on protecting wealth against global economic threats titled “2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” That company is US Money Reserve, a privately-owned company in Austin, TX.  The ebook goes through the various threats to currencies that come from terrorists, natural disasters, banks, and even politicians.

The book is available as part of a purchase of American Eagle gold coins that are on sale for a discounted price as a way to promote asset protection.  This is only part of the vault of coins and information available on US Money Reserve’s website.

US Reserve takes pride in helping people understand buying precious metals, and in effort to make sure both computer and mobile device users of all operating systems could buy from them they renovated the website.  It has photos of all kinds of coins and gold bars, and they have detailed sections on price charts in their knowledge center.

You can even see live feeds scrolling across the website about the stock market and gold and silver’s indexes.  But US Money Reserve wouldn’t be the company it is without Philip N. Diehl, the former US Mint Director.

Diehl is the 35th Mint Director appointed by former President Bill Clinton to bring his skills in accounting and business management to transform the agency.  He was highly commended for turning it into a profitable agency that generated billions in sales and yielded high returns to taxpayers.

In the more recent years, Diehl had a discussion with CNBC about eliminating minting the penny as he felt it was becoming outdated and could save the government money.  Diehl also brought the initiative to congress to mint the first platinum coin in 2013, and he was a panelist in the TV event “2016 Gold Summit.”

Diehl appears on the US Money Reserve website in an introduction for new users in which he explains how the company can help them build their portfolios.  Once users get through the introduction, they can download the free gold information kit which tells them how they can move funds from an IRA into gold and silver.

US Money Reserve has also introduced Client-Connect Advantage, a chat system available on all devices for those who need live support in purchasing products.  You can learn how to buy precious metals in all bullion by visiting

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Securus Technologies – Providing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Law Enforcement Agencies

The field of inmate communications is one of the fastest emerging industries, and while there are many companies out there that are trying to take the lead; Securus Technologies has emerged as a leader in the field of inmate communications and prison technology. There are many different types of services offered by Securus Technologies such as money transfer services, video services, video visitation, phone services, kiosks, government information management solutions, parolee tracking, calling cards, and more. Such services alleviate the stress from the lives of inmates to a great extent and make it easier for them to survive in an isolated environment inside the prison. It also helps in reducing the inmate-on-inmate and prison related crimes.


Securus Technologies is dedicated to modernizing and revolutionizing the incarceration experience through its comprehensive range of services. Moreover, the company also focuses on providing attentive and responsive customer service and has a separate department to take care of all the queries made by potential and existing customers. It helps the company to keep the customers happy and satisfied. The commitment of the company towards its clients can be seen in the fact that the firm was awarded the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service globally. At present, the company’s services reach out to over a million inmates and over 2,600 correctional facilities. The company’s workforce has over a thousand employees.


Securus Technologies shared the appreciation it receives from the law enforcement officers through the letters in a press release recently. In the letters sent by the law enforcement officers, they have mentioned how the company’s services make it easier to catch the culprits and gather the evidence necessary to convict the miscreants in the court of law. I feel that the Securus Technologies is doing a great job in keeping the prison and communities safe by building futuristic technology in the field it serves.


NantHealth, Allscripts and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are Improving the Healthcare Challenges with Digital Databases

In collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts, the Cancer Center of America is making life easier by creating a digital solution for doctors and patients. With the new electronic health record being creating, it allows for patients and doctors to all be connected throughout the treatment process. Hundreds of various oncologists throughout the nation were involved in helping to create this process.

The use of Clinical Pathways is allowing for all of the basic treatment options that are appropriate for each patients to be held in one location. It will help to keep the guesswork from the various oncologists out and to keep the needed data in for each record.

Clinical Pathways has gathered all of the latest research on cancer for various treatment options, therapies which are showing beneficial to cancer patients and so much more. This helps to keep the different oncologists informed on what is showing promising for other patients. This helps to keep custom treatment plans in motion for all patients. The comparisons are able to be looked at in each study which helps the oncologists gather as much information as they need to create a good plan for their patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America first started working on this project in 2016 with Allscripts and NantHealth. With the careful analysis of all of the integrated work involved, a more solid solution is geared towards oncologists to help increase the chances that a patient can enter remission or increase their odds of living longer when cancer is a factor.

For Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they understand that each person who is affected by cancer is treated like their own case. For each patient, their level of cancer and the way it is handled is different from others and the Centers of America understands this and therefore comes up with their own plan for attack for each patient.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are using the best equipment for today and their own tools and technology which is used to fight each bout of cancer for each patient. For the team of experts at the centers, they use as much information as they gather without the invasive techniques and surgeries to get as much information as they need to create a goal for each patient. That is why they are the best in the nation when it comes to fighting cancer.

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The Dedication Of Andrew Rolfe In Transforming Education In South Africa Through The Ubuntu Education Fund

When it comes to nonprofits, restrictive funding or funding with conditions attached does not have any significant impact on the lives of people. According to Jacob Lief, one of the founders of the Ubuntu Education Fund, highly restrictive funding means that while your organization has a large influx of money; these funds will not be able to change the lives of those it helps. This is the reason why the organization’s board leadership led by Andrew Rolfe, decide to focus more on donors who understand the importance of funding without constraints.

As the Board’s Chairman, Andrew Rolfe forwards that the only way a child can gain maximum benefit from their education is if they focus on learning, and are not worried about how it is being funded. Therefore, it becomes necessary for organizations such as the Ubuntu Education Fund to make independent financial decisions. Restrictive funding is an impediment to this because it gives more power to the donors with regards to decision-making and strategic innovation.

For most his career, Andrew Rolfe has been committed to helping the people of South Africa and giving back to their communities through creating an efficient system of education. This is in line with the Ubuntu model that is based on developing a sustainable institution that will focus on the community and impact through depth. This means that the Ubuntu Education Fund is founded on the bringing about enduring changes in the family by investing significantly in the children.

According to Andrew Rolfe, it is important for donors and nonprofits to have discussions on the expectations and power dynamics involved in offering a grant. This will help to avoid any friction that will be generated from conflicting interests.

About the Ubuntu Education Fund

The nonprofit was founded in 1999 by Malizole Gwaxula and Jacob Lief to focus on educational reform in South Africa. The organization is based on the Ubuntu model that aims at availing cradle to career care for children in South Africa.

The organization’s Board of Directors is made up of important business and civil society professionals from South Africa, U.S, and U.K led by Andrew Rolfe. All of these individuals are committed to ensuring that children receive funding without limitations.

Medical Treatments and Services at the Practice of Dr. Imran Haque

Dr. Imran Haque’s Medical Background


As a doctor of more than 15 years, Dr. Imran P. Haque studied Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia’s Roanoke-Salem Program. He has two locations that sit in Asheboro, North Carolina and Ramseur, North Carolina.



Accepted Insurance Companies


There are many services offered, as well as insurance companies accepted at the practice of Dr. Imran Haque, and both public and private insurance companies can be accepted. For the full list of companies, visit his practice site here.


Services and Treatments

· Aetna

· Blue Cross Blue Shield

· Humana

· Medicaid

· Medicare



General services are available at Dr. Imran Haque’s practice, as well as an assortment of cosmetic, preventative care and management of conditions that you may have.


Physical Exams offered are tailored to meet the patients needs by answering and asking questions about your health and medical history. Routine checks are made, and any tests or further exams are ordered that are relevant to your exam and the results within it.


Diabetes Management is another service offered at the practice, and Dr. Imran Haque is a Diabetes Specialist. If you have Diabetes or it runs in your family, the practice recommends always searching for a doctor that is a Diabetes Specialist, and is licensed and board-certified.


Other treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Laser Hair Removal is available at Dr. Imran Haque’s practice. Dr. Haque specializes in all of these services as well. All of these treatments are a great way to target and treat specific, smaller areas of the body. For more information on these services, visit here.


Weight Management is a growing service that is provided to assist patients at Dr. Haque’s practice, and includes management around weigh loss, gain and other weight-related medical services. At the office, patients can talk with the doctors about life-decisions that may affect their weight, medical treatments that may help, and any cosmetic procedures that can assist in enhancing the body.