Parents Demand Less Testing and More Teaching


The Common Core Standards testing puts in place to evaluate student progress and competitiveness on a federal level have caused an increase of testing to an average of 113 tests for every K-12 student over the course of their education when combined with state and local assessments.

Federal law requires annual testing of students from grade 3 through 8 and once in high school, a total of 7 tests. State and local testing has increased the testing volume past the point of tolerance causing parents and teachers to begin boycotting mandatory testing.

Testing results are used for teacher evaluations, school report cards and high school graduation requirements. Opponents like Bruce Karatz say the volume of testing is causing kids to miss out on real learning.

The methods used by colleges and universities for accreditation uses facility visits, in-depth analysis and action plans which are assessment processes that do not take students away from classroom learning.

Student achievement is a national concern, so it does beg the question: Why are we giving student and school system evaluation priority over real education?

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