Parents Face Neglect Charges After Child is Outside

Children play outside. It’s nature, and it’s not something that most parents would think twice about when they let their children play outside. A Florida couple has been charged with neglect after their child, who is 11, played outside for an hour and a half. Most people would find that this is beneficial for children as they need fresh air and physical activity instead of sitting inside all the time. However, this isn’t how the child ended up outside in the first place. He was locked out of the home and had to stay outdoors until his parents came home. While he wasn’t injured, and no one took the boy from the home, the parents could have done something to make sure there was either someone there or that the boy had a key to get inside the house. There doesn’t really seem to be a grounds for a neglect charge as there is not a minimum age listed for children to be left at home in Florida stated That doesn’t change the fact that the parents should have been a little more responsible since the child was younger.

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