Parents Get Tattoo to Support Child

I’ve heard of parents supporting their children, but this couple may have taken things to extreme. When Adam and Tanya Phillips’s daughter was born with a rare birth mark that left her leg disfigured, to make their daughter feel normal, they opted to get a tattoo that was similar to the birth mark. It was wacky, kind of crazy but so supportive of their daughter.

Many people don’t know how they feel about this, especially since the birth mark covers most of the outer part of the leg said the parents in an article. According to AnastasiaDate many¬†feel that it was an extreme action by parents to allow their child to fit in. But isn’t that what parents do? Don’t we go above and beyond that of others to make our child feel special and important? When my mother in law got breast cancer and had to loose her hair, my sister and I opted to shave our heads in support. She wouldn’t’ feel alone this way. So many people didn’t understand this and thought we were plain crazy, but it was an act of standing beside someone we loved so much.

Yes, what Adam and Tanya Phillips did was crazy, but it was also beautiful. The way they love their daughter is crazy and that is what makes them great parents. Some wouldn’t have taken it this far, and that’s okay, but they did and it was beautiful. Way to go to the supportive bunch.

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