Profile of The Great Ted Bauman

This great man Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and was raised up in Eastern Maryland. He later migrated to South Africa when he was a young man and joined Cape Town University where he Graduated with a post-graduate degree in economics and history. In his twenty-fifth career in the African country, he served in different executive roles in a nonprofit department and also as a financing manager in housing projects, which were of low cost. One of his greatest efforts was to fund international slum dwellers with coming up with a plan, which came into the help of over 14 million people in different 35 countries.


In the early 2000s, Ted was employed as a consultant, writing and researching heavily in finance, urban planning and housing for the World Bank, United Nations, and the South African Government. In 2008 Bauman returned to the United States as an International Housing Program for Habitat for Humanity International as a Director. Follow Ted on

In 2013 Ted left this work for a full-time job as a writer and a researcher. When working on international housing projects, he got an opportunity to visit more than 75 countries extensively in Africa, Latin America, and Europe. By this traveling, Ted Bauman got the experience and learned the aspects of investing in storing his wealth in different countries and different types of businesses.


Writing Job

In his Monthly newsletter, which is The Bauman Letter, Bauman recommends and advices people on economic opportunities and personal solutions. Besides, he also writes on the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert and also specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and migration issues. Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta with his entire family, and he has spent his whole life helping people directly to put them in touch with the needed resources to lead a true sovereign life free from governmental oversight and greed.

Ted Bauman helps people discover their abilities and live the life they have always dreamed. Bauman still searches for safe ways to help people and grow their wealth. Ted Bauman is a great man who is worth emulating and learning from his achievements. Read the Q&A session with Ted on

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