QNet As A Leader In The Direct Selling Industry

QNet is a marketing, or direct selling company with offices all over the world. As a marketing company, they offer a unique opportunity for people that seek financial freedom through owning their own business that requires very little investment or overhead. By utilizing the expansion of e-commerce, they can begin distributing products worldwide by becoming QNet distributors known as Independent Representatives, or IR’s. These IR’s have a large base of quality products to offer a wide variety of potential customers and consumers in areas including health and wellness, jewelry, cosmetics, and a variety of other quality consumer items. It began in 1998 in Hong Kong and has since expanded into many eastern countries and former Soviet countries, growing its business by a whopping 21% in central Asia over just the past year!

QNet’s philosophy of “empowering others to succeed” and “RYTHM, to Raise Yourself to Help Mankind” has led to their recent and rapid growth. They offer potential distributors a financial opportunity they may not have known before in a unique market that has so much room for growth and possibility. And because being a distributor doesn’t require any special certification or educational degrees it is available for anyone! The distributor can essentially brand themselves and provide the exact type of customer service they’ve always wanted. QNet has also largely gained notoriety through their solid philanthropic work throughout the middle east and Africa by providing food and assistance to those in need that may be struggling financially from economic hardships due do natural disasters or other issues within the region. By providing quality life-enhancing products backed by positive ideas they have created success through an amazing business model that offers the possibility of financial freedom for distributors and an increased quality of life to their clients and consumers. QNet is certain to keep growing and expanding to even more countries and an ever wider market.

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