Rules Regarding Measles Vaccines for Teachers and School Staff

We’ve heard much about the measles outbreak and anti-vaxxers recently, but Ricardo Guimarães BMG says that no notice has been taken of another group of potential measles carriers and spreaders; teachers and school staff.

These people come into contact with our children five days a week, so just what are the rules regarding measles vaccines for teachers, para-pros, lunch room workers, school secretary, principal, vice principal and all the other adults in the public and private school setting?

Most states do not have a law requiring teachers and school staff to receive certain vaccines. Some states provide school personnel with a list of vaccines they want them to get, but the state does not do any type of follow up to ensure the educators and staff receive the vaccines before coming into direct daily contact with your child.

Parents of school-aged children are required to provide a proof of immunization record (or reason for being an anti-vaxxer) before entering the school system. So if/when a contagious disease breaks out within the school system, it’s easy to pull the records and see who has had their required vaccinations and who has not.

Teachers and school staff are not required to have an immunization record on file. It’s just assumed that those who have been educated to educate our children would be up-to-date on their immunizations. That assumption is wrong. The adults who spend hours each day with our children may be the catalyst for the spread of measles and other contagious diseases because they have not been immunized.

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