Sanjay Shah’s Successful Ventures Captured in a Podcast

Host Eric Dye interviews Sanjay Shah via a podcast for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio giving advice to entrepreneurs all over the world. The radio program is geared towards entrepreneurs and their practice to invoke motivation and inspiration. Sanjay Shah has many years of experience in the entrepreneurial business as he has owned many companies throughout his career, and recommends that those who are trying to get their business started to no solely rely on themselves. They should hire others to help because they will ultimately get burnt out. There is only so much one person can do. Shah relays a load of advice on the listeners on how to become a successful business owner. He also talks about his motivation behind his charity called Autism Rocks which he launched in 2014. He has been an active philanthropist and successful business man for years, and continues to grow his expertise.

The London and Dubai areas know Shah as a successful business man who started an investment company called Solo Capital and is now running a successful charity called Autism Rocks. The inspiration behind Autism Rocks is most definitely aimed towards Shah’s youngest son who was diagnosed with autism at the very young age of two. Autism is fairly new to the world, but many more people are becoming diagnosed with the neurological condition and it’s affecting many people. Shah’s charity will help raise awareness by staging concerts performed by some of the most famous musicians around. Shah will decide how the donations are dispersed, but he has donated many funds to universities and their programs, as well as foudnations to help aid in the research and development. He wants to be able to help those people in need and help those better cope with the condition. Autism in children has increased by 30% since 2012, and Shah wants to find out why and what causes autism. Since there is no cure, the next best thing is to help find out what autism is all about and what he can do to help families and those in need. He understands that not everyone has the financial means that he has had, and wants to help. To learn more about Autism Rocks visit


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