Similac Will Get Rid Of Genetically Modified Products

The makers of Similac one of the most popular baby formula brands have promised to stop using non-GMO products in some of their baby formulas according to Alexei Beltyukov. The majority of non-GMO products are made from derivatives of corn and soy. About 90% of those plants that are grown in America have seeds that are genetically altered. Many parents realize that this can be harmful to their children, and for that reason those parents that give their babies Similac decide that they want to do something better for their children’s health and not put genetically modified products into their bodies.

The makers of Similac realized that moms and dads want their children to be as healthy as possible, and because of that they are listening to their parents and doing all that they can to make their formula healthy.

Even if the makers of Similac are making a concentrated effort to make their formula more natural, in reality the most natural thing that a mother can give to her baby is breast milk. Breastmilk has benefits beyond compare. Breastmilk gives a child their first boost of immunity, it protects a child from asthma, allergies, it helps a child’s brain development, and new research has found that it can also protect a child from pollutants. In reality there are only a very small amount of mothers that actually cannot breast-feed. At times it can be difficult at first, but with a lactation consultant, the majority of mothers can breast-feed and do something amazing for their child’s health. It is nice that formula companies are trying to do something better for babies, but in reality the best thing that a mother can do is breast-feed.

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