Smartphones Causes The Young To Lose Sleep

Many kids now go to sleep with their IPod or Smartphones on a nightstand next to their bed. Researchers are now saying this is causing them to get much less sleep. Evidence is out there proving that children who have televisions in their room sleep less and this new study is looking at even the small screens of an IPod or Smartphone are having the same effect.

The study has been published in Monday’s issue of Pediatrics which looked at over 2,000 fourth and seventh graders who participated in the study. The children in this study were asked if they needed more sleep and how well they slept. Another factor looked at was how often they slept with the IPod or Smartphone next to their bed. From this study it was found that more than 1/2 of the kids admitted to sleeping with a device next to them each night.

The researches state from their findings they show children who said they slept with these devices are averaging 20.6 fewer minutes of sleep a night compared to those who don’t sleep with them. These same children are the ones who say they feel like they did not get enough sleep, a concern Vijay Eswaran can understand.

When the findings were compared to children who slept with big screen TV’s in the room; it was found those with the small screens reported getting less sleep than those with the big TV screens.

The study was not designed to understand what the cause of sleep loss was due to- whether they were actually using the devices, getting message alerts or if it was the light from the screens.

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