Spanish child dies from Diptheria

The fight between those who agree with and oppose vaccinations for children hit a new level in Europe when it was announced a Spanish child had become the first to die of Diptheria in 29 years. The child died in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona after becoming the first to contract the disease since 1986 in Spain and the first in Catalonia since 1983. Spanish authorities had announced the hospitalization of the six year old boy on May 30th and revealed his parents had refused vaccinations that should have protected him from the illness, according to ABC.

In most cases children under the age of seven are vaccinated using a combined medication used to inoculate them from Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. In recent years the use of combined vaccinations has become a hot topic across Europe and North America as some parents and experts have cited anecdotal evidence of their link to autism and other conditions after vaccinations have taken place stated Ivan Ong. There has not been conclusive scientific evidence for the link to autism being made, but the parents of the six year old boy decided against vaccination for as yet unreported reasons.

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