STDs on the Rise

To say STDs are on the rise is really an understatement. Reported syphilis cases are up by 79% this past year. HIV is up by 33%, gonorrhea up 30% and all other sexually transmitted diseases have had a sharp increase in numbers according to the CPA Ivan Ong.
The cause of the increase is blamed on the high-risk sexual behavior among gay and bi-sexual men. The common, high-risk sexual behavior is having its greatest impact on the Hispanic and African-American population. The young adult population in these ethnicity groups are causing the rise of STDs to continue.
Casual sex has taken on an entirely new meaning to the young adult population. Apps for mobile devices make hooking up with a stranger for a round of anonymous sex as quick and easy and ordering a burger at the drive-thru restaurant.
All that on-demand sex with multiple partners is spreading STDs faster that wildfire through a dry forest.
The sharp rise in STDs reaches across the nation. With reports from New York to Utah and down to Texas showing a recent spike in the number of reported cases of syphilis and HIV. The spike in cases has prompted workers in STD clinics to begin asking their patients about certain contact apps they may be using to make sex hookups.
It was bound to happen, since there’s an app for everything else, there had to be an app for sex. But the young adults in our nation our paying for the app with their health, possibly even their life.

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