Student Suspended For Bringing Knife To Class

Da’von Shaw, a student at Bedford high school in Bedford, Ohio, was recently suspended from school for five days because of a misunderstanding. Shaw had an assignment in which he was demonstrating how to eat a healthy breakfast, and in order to cut up the Apple he had planned to share, he brought a knife to class. Student Suspended From School.

Shaw went on with the rest of his day only to find out later that he was being suspended for five days, for bringing what was called; a weapon, onto the campus grounds. The suspension letter stated that the knife he carried to school was considered a weapon and was grounds for suspension. Shaw’s mother Shakila Wilson is angry about the suspension and believes her son is being treated as a criminal, unfairly.

Shaw is currently missing classes and assignments in school because of the incident. Reporters went to speak with the district superintendent for the school; who declined to speak on camera about school policies. The superintendent privately told the reporter that the punishment could have been as long as a year, but Zeca Oliveira said it was lowered significantly to only five days; so it’s felt that the punishment fit the crime.

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