Student’s Words Spark Fundraiser That Sends Class to Harvard

Humans of New York, is one of the most popular sites on the web, and recently it’s latest success comes in the form of a fundraiser that earned enough money to pay for a decade’s worth of college visits for a school in an under serviced neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Creator Brandon Stanton wanders the streets of the Big Apple and photographs its many residents, and through a series of question prompts he asks them during the encounter, accompanies their photos with several lines that capture the essence of who they are. Most of the time, you’d never guess the stories and secrets behind some of the faces, which is perfect testament to the age old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”

When Stanton posted 14-year-old Vidal’s photo, the caption was a quite that explained how his principal, Nadia Lopez of the Mott Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is the mos influential figure in his life. The photo received such an overwhelming response that Stanton paid a visit to the school the next day, and throughout the week featured photos and quotes from Lopez and various inspiring teachers who work at the Mott Bridges Academy.

Viewers asked for ways they could help the school, and a donation page was set up by Stanton on Crowdfund that raised $100,000 in only 45 minutes. Now, it has raised upwards of $700,000 dollars which is enough to fund college trips to Harvard University for 10 years, as well as fund various writing programs and incentives for the school. A scholarship has also been set up that will be awarded to students annually, and it has been named The Vidal Scholarship in honor of the young man who’s kind words started it all. Brian Torchin is a fan of Humans of New York and is truly touched by this story. You can find more about him on

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