Study Shows Peanut Allergies Can Be Avoiding By Introducing Peanuts To Babies At A Young Age

Recent studies have shown that having peanut allergies can be potentially avoided if parents if their infant children peanut butter from a very young age as opposed to avoiding it.

According to an article found on the New York Times nutrition section, roughly 2% of all American kids have an allergic reaction to peanuts and those numbers have grown by four times in the last couple of decades. However, researchers and scientists think that they have found a way to bypass children developing that allergy by introducing it to them at very young ages. In London, England a study was done on several infants that ranged in ages 4 months to 11 months initially and went on for five more years. Facebook had reported what they found was that the kids who were given peanut products were much less likely to be allergic to them once they reached 5 years of age.

This theory is the opposite to what the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested in the past, telling new parents to refrain from giving their babies peanuts before three years of age. They used to claim that by initiating it with them sooner could cause a development of an allergy, however it is looking like just the opposite is true. Hopefully this new information will be the key to understanding peanut allergies so that the numbers can decrease once again and fall lower to what they were even 20 years ago.

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