Sunscreen Use Passed In Oregon Schools

Up until now, schools in Salem, Oregon were not allowed to have children bring in and administer sunscreen themselves. In order to have sunscreen applied, it needed to be done prior to the child coming into the school in the morning (at home by a parent) or a note needed to be sent in with a child. The note needed to describe that the sunscreen could be applied prior to going outside. This would either be done by a teacher or the school nurse. State senators in Oregon passed a bill that now allows children to apply their own sunscreen as needed while they are in school.

SuperLawyers says the vote ended up being unanimous and it was declared that sunscreen is not a medication, nor should it be treated as one. As long as children use proper discretion when applying, the lotion can be used in addition to protective hats and clothing. The sun can be healthy in small amounts but the skin and body can experience damage with prolonged exposure.

This bill comes after some concern though, regarding the safety of sunscreen lotions. Some research is pointing out that many of the chemicals in sunscreen can be dangerous and may actually increase a person’s risk for skin cancer. It is recommended that a person limit their time in the sun and use natural alternatives to provide protection such as coconut oil or shea butter, which have low SPF’s but are effective and natural.

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