Susan McGalla Giving Tips to Women on How to Advance their Career in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the most recognized females in the corporate circles of the United States. She has achieved a lot in her career over the years and has helped many other women to make as well as she climbed the ladder of success. Susan McGalla is an enthusiastic person who is always on the move and values time. Growing up with a father who was a football coach by profession and two brothers, Susan McGalla said that her father never gave her a preferential treatment. It made her competitive from the very beginning, and she had to fight it out to get what she wanted, and it is that competitive spirit that she has kept alive in her till date.

Currently, Susan McGalla holds the position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at a company known as Pittsburgh Steelers Inc. She is also known for her role as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc and the President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the past. Susan McGalla has completed her graduation from the Mount Union College in business and marketing. Susan McGalla had also had an entrepreneurial angle in her career when she started P3 Executive Consulting that provided in-depth and private business consulting service to the corporations on how to improve their sales, increase their outreach, develop marketing strategies, mergers and acquisition management, and so on.

Susan McGalla has always said that the women can achieve a lot in the corporate world if they set their mind to it from the very beginning. Susan McGalla noted that the very first thing that the women must do is study and not leave their studies midway to get a job or for any other opportunities. She says that education is essential and the key to success in the corporate circle. Susan also said that school is expensive these days, so the women must plan their finances for knowledge well in advance. It would help them move on with their career without any breaks. Susan said that once the women start working in a company, having a group of close associates as friend and support group would help them get through the tough times at workplace.

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