Swine Event: David McDonald OSI Group

Swine day takes place on June 28th of this month. It’s an educational event that brings together swine producers which will be held at the Iowa State University Scheman building. For directions, the physical address is 1805 center drive in Ames. Swine producers attending this event can look forward to listening to high quality speakers that will touch on topics pork producers face when producing in the United States.

The conference has had success over the years and last year nearly 450 attendees were present. The morning sessions are kicked off by Ray and Dave price from Canada’s Sunterra farms. They will share their detailed strategy that they used to transition their company. They are known for their traditional farrow-to-finish farm that was established in the 1970s. Now as a multinational company, they produce, export and retail pork. They have an impressive innovation that uses Italian dry cured meat. They have constructed a plant in Canada and formed a partnership with the Simonini family from Modena Italy.

One of the most recognized speakers will be David McDonald. OSI group, has employed David McDonald for many years. He will give an overall view of what the food industry will be like in the future on the global platform. David McDonald is no stranger to seeing the changing trends in the meat processing business. As a board member for the North American meat institute, David McDonald as many diverse leadership roles. He shares his thoughts about protein consumption and the influence on the market. David McDonald has continued to watch the industry grow and understands how to maneuver within it.

The president for Jeff Ansell and associates will present “When the headline is you.” This entertaining and practical presentation will give attendees a sense of how to retain a stance in the industry. As a professor of both Duke and Harvard university in the past, Jeff Ansell will give practical tips and effective ideas on way to improve client communication.

Directly after lunch, attendees can experience a list of sessions with 16 presentations. They can choose between several topics and even get pertinent updates.

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