Swiss Banker Mike Baur Is Known As A Financial Specialist

The banks and bankers in Switzerland are considered special in the banking world. The Swiss banks operate by their own set of financial rules, and the Swiss bankers are considered the top financial minds in the business. Not everyone agrees that Swiss bankers are the best in the business, but there are a few bankers that are known worldwide for their contributions to the Swiss banking industry. One of those bankers is Mike Baur.

Mike Baur has a 20 year proven track record in the Swiss banking industry. Baur worked for the Sallfort, a Swiss private bank, and before he took that position, he was an executive at Clariden Leu another Swiss banking firm. At Sallfort, Baur developed private banking transactions that include private equity transactions. Baur’s main objective as Private Banking Chief at Sallfort was to broaden the bank’s focus on different types of equity transactions, and he was successful in that endeavor.

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But Baur always wanted to expand his banking abilities and when he got the opportunity to start his own company he didn’t hesitate. Baur founded Bainso, a company that is designed to help startup companies get their feet wet in the corporate world. Bainso is based in Pfäffikon Switzerland, and Baur works with a selective group of startup companies. Mike Baur provides networking services as well as the basic know-how to navigate the difficult situations that develop in the corporate world. Bainso has a selective portfolio of startup companies, and Baur’s mission is to teach them how to operate profitably by using different strategies like inserting temporary operational management and providing Board of Director choices.

Developing the internal structure that helps startup companies grow is an exciting field of endeavor, according to Baur. He spent a great deal of time working with young entrepreneurs before he decided to start Bainso. Baur also plays an important role in the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory offers young entrepreneurs the tools they need to be successful in the business world. Baur and the other members of the Swiss Startup Factory help creative individuals bring new ideas to the doorstep of business. The Swiss Startup Factory uses an innovative methodology that turns creative ideas into working businesses. Mike Baur has been one of the driving forces in that organization.

Even though Baur is dedicated to his work, he spends a great deal of time with his family near Zurich. Baur is an attentive father as well as an entrepreneurial teacher. 

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