Success Academy Is Helping Students To Succeed In Their Studies





As education in New York continues to face two-decade old problems, Success Academy is slowly transforming the industry by providing a model that can be used to rebuild the sector. The charter school network is using unique systems, curriculum, and teaching approaches to encourage students to succeed in their studies. Simply put, success is at Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz has built a system that has already proven successful in just nine years. In the recently concluded Common Core-aligned exams, the school received a rating of 64 percent in English and an outstanding 94 percent in math. This performance surpassed the city’s average performance of 29 percent in English and 35 percent in math. The school’s performance means that Success’ students, who are predominantly from the poorest New York Communities, outperformed kids schooling in the wealthiest suburbs in the city. In addition, this outcome entails that the network’s performance exceeded that of any school in the city. If it were a single school, it would be ranked as the best school.

Eva Moskowitz opened the first Success Academy in 2006. In the last 11 years, the education expert has expanded the schools under the network’s umbrella to 32 schools. These networks serve over 9,000 students. They are made up of a new high school, seven middle schools, and 24 elementary schools. There are plans to expand the network with an additional 13 schools within the next two years. This expansion will see the total number of children at Success Academy hit 21,000. This represents two percent of the total students learning in New York’s public schools.

Eva Moskowitz believes that her school network’s success can be attributed to its focus on ‘what’ is being taught and ‘how’ it is taught. Eva has spent several years building the syllabus to ensure that the content taught in the schools is of high quality. She notes that the school enhances teamwork through making the students work in groups. Before undertaking a project, students are required to sketch the project and explain their drawing to the class.

Moreover, Success Academy focuses on imparting quality conversational skills to the students. The school has a special program through which it trains its teachers to ensure that they are adequately prepared to promote the student’s mastery of conversation. The program is known as Teacher Success Academy.

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