Revolutionary Thinker Dr. David Samaldi

Dr. David B. Samadi is one of the most well-known and experienced robotic prostate surgeons in the world. His career was set up to be successful beginning in high school where he took rigorous courses to challenge himself every day. By doing this it allowed his education to have a solid foundation where it could then build off when he attended New York State University, here he earned his degree in Biochemistry and medicine on a full scholarship. Samadi was born in raised in a Persian Jewish community in Iran which presented difficulties when growing up but has later aided him with a diverse background. Dr. Samadi can fluently speak four languages which benefits him greatly. Being able to communicate with others with various backgrounds is not only helpful when treating patients all over the world but also shows the great deal of knowledge he withholds.

In 2007 Dr. Samadi had finally perfected what is called the SMART technique. This technique is revolutionary and incorporates a new way of sparing nerves during a robotic prostate surgery which will later improve the sex lives of patients who suffer from prostate cancer. This tool not only improves vision but also allows angles of dissection to become clearer which would not be possible with straight or open laparoscopic instruments.

Dr. Samaldi also has a website called Dr. Samaldi T.V. which you can visit. He posts videos on all different topics of his field educating and informing listeners, information about himself, and the website even includes what is called the “Symptom checker” where you can see if you possibly could be a candidate for his work. This website really shows the effort and care he puts into his patients.

His media presence is really one to be proud of. His Facebook is well thought out and made to be easily accessed by patients so they can contact him but also get to know him on a more personal level. By having such a great look on social media he has caught people’s attention and made himself, his techniques, and views on medicine well known.

He has been recognized for his great innovations and ideas in his field by many. An article was published about him and his work in New York Magazine, he won Most Compassionate Doctor award, Americas Top Doctors for Cancer award, and Patients Choice award just to name a few.

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