Talk Fusion Plans ‘Destination: Milan’ Trip For Its Associates

Talk Fusion, a worldwide leader in video marketing and direct selling announced a new vacation incentive to Milan. This announcement was made in November 2016 on a live companywide broadcast. The vacation trip for Independent Associates is entitled ‘Destination: Milan’ and is due December 2017. This vacation will act as a remarkable motivator for Independent Associates creating their businesses over the next year. Milan is a premier location known for fine Italian Cuisine, High-end shopping, and sightseeing. Talk Fusion is to provide first class air transport and accommodation for qualified Associates and their spouses as well.

Talk Fusion is committed to providing its clients and Associates with top-notch marketing services. Destination: Miami is just one of the statements of the outstanding incentive lineup Talk Fusion has for its customers and Associates. Talk Fusion looks to actualize people’s dream of being more financially stable, traveling to new places and spending more time with families through hard work and determination. Talk Fusion is on a mission to put more stamps in their acquaintance’s passports as they experience the world and lifestyles that they deserve, said the Vice President of Training and development, Allison Roberts.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a world’s leading Video Marketing Solutions providers. Talk Fusion as a firm is dedicated to assisting enterprises to keep their customers coming back by outsmarting competition leading to increased profits and sales. The marketing solutions that Talk Fusion offers are dynamic and efficient in making marketing more memorable, engaging and persuasive with the use of the videos.

Talk Fusion has Independent associates in over 140 countries worldwide marketing their products person to person. Talk Fusion that offers more than just groundbreaking video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion also offers video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting products to its global market base. This outstanding corporation has reached out to the world improving lives and developing businesses in many countries

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