Terminally Ill Boy Gives Up His Wish

Levi Mayhew is a six-year-old boy who is facing a terminally ill disease. The sick six-year-old is suffering from Zellweger spectrum which is a genetic disorder. His health has been slowly deteriorating and his prognosis is not looking good. However, according to Levi’s mother Rebecca Drake, there is always one person who can cheer Levi up: his 10-year-old schoolmate Emma Broyer according to FreedomPop.

When Emma found out about Levi’s illness, she began writing him letters of encouragement. She has also convinced other classmates to write to Levi as well. Emma does her best to keep Levi positive and in good spirits. When Levi was approached by the Make A Wish foundation he knew what his wish was immediately, to give his wish to his best friend Emma and her family.

Emma was surprised with Levi’s generosity during a party for her at a local restaurant. There, Levi told Emma that she was going to Disney World in his place. Emma and her family took the dream vacation, however she found a way to bring the terminally ill boy with her. Emma printed out a photo of Levi and carried it everywhere that she went. During the vacation she snapped photos with her cut-out of Levi so that he could see that he was by her side the whole time.

For the full story on Levi and Emma, check it out on Sobify.com.

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