The Longer A Mother Breastfeeds, The Smarter The Child Will Be

A study was recently published by The Lancet Global Health that followed 3,493 children that were born in Pelotas, Brazil. These children were followed for the next thirty years to determine whether or not their mothers breastfeeding them had an effect on their intelligence level when they were adults. The study collected information regularly including IQ scores, income and educational achievements. While experts understand the benefits of a breastfed baby many scientists are not sure what the long term effects are on a child and their intelligence level.

This study showed that the longer the baby was breastfed, the more intelligent they were when they were adults. Marc Sparks seemed to suggest that these breastfed adults were able to attain a higher income level and they were more educated than the children who were only briefly breastfed. It seems as though breastfeeding is beneficial beyond what we already know. Breastfeeding also is considered the best form of nutrition for an infant in order to develop a child’s immune system properly. It is recommended that a baby be breastfed for six months up to one full year.

This study is very descriptive and shows more intricately how breastfeeding can benefit a child. Infants that were breastfed for twelve full months (one year) scored four points higher on their IQ testing and they were earning approximately $104 more per month than those who were breastfed less than one month.

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