The Passion And Know-How Behind Southridge Capital’s Services

A Connecticut-based private equity firm that makes investment banking and securities brokerage services available has bankrolled more than $1.8 billion into growth companies worldwide since its launch in 1996.


The range of services Southridge Capital offers takes in customized financial policies, securitization as well as ways for clients to augment their credit. The company has provided such services to more than 250 publicly held firms.


As founder and chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks heads up the management team of Southridge Capital along with Controller and CFO Narine Persaud; CFA, CPA as the Director of Research Laurence Ditkoff; JD, CFS as the Chief Operating Officer Henry Sargent and General Counsel and Linda Carlsen as Portfolio Manager.


Under their leadership, Southridge Capital helps companies improve their creditworthiness by working in partnership with their creditors to do away with debt in support of common stock. Southridge also establishes detailed, estimated financial statements based on financial and operational theories which determine a company’s enterprise value.


What’s more, Southridge Capital may recommend streamlining manufacturing procedures for companies to reorganize their operations while some times a bankruptcy filing may be the needed tactic.


Southridge Capital also finds merger applicants and carries out initial careful examination of possible targets. The company works with clients to support them with resolving legal actions by reducing the time and costs clients may encounter and identifying every legal obligation. For more info you can visit their website



It also provides advice on restructuring analysis, convertible debentures or a wide variety of other assets. Southridge Capital’s Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) lets companies raise capital exclusively at their request no matter what the conditions of the market.


The company actively supports volunteer work as well as community leadership through its philanthropic actions.  You can visit for more details.



For example, Hicks and his wife Mary started the Daystar Foundation, which jointly with Southridge Capital, supports charitable organizations such as the Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation at Danbury Hospital, the Ridgefield Community Center, the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation and more.(



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