The Passion for Helping Others Has Always Been the Driving Force for Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an accomplished individual at the age of 42 years. He wears several hats successfully, including that of a trader, author, speaker and philanthropist. It is his role as a father that he, however, holds in high regard. He currently runs the Knowledge to Action Group that’s a conglomerate of several companies. They include Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and The Greg Secker Foundation among others. Greg Secker had previously worked in senior positions for several businesses in the foreign exchange field.

The Beginning

In the course of his career, Greg Secker observed the challenges that hit people intending to join the foreign exchange sector. The primary challenge being the lack of basic education needed in the field. Greg sought to impact the knowledge so that other people could get the opportunity to prosper in life. He started the Learn to Trade and created programs that show people how and when to trade. His mission was to create a smooth path for the people so that they would not make the mistakes he had made in the journey.

His Drive

Greg Secker was fortunate enough to become profitable shortly after starting his business. He was also wise enough to invest his earnings back to his business thereby increasing his profits. Getting business was easy for him as his family members became his first customers. Relying on the support of his family, friends, and partners have been an essential tool for his success. Greg is always ready to learn a new thing from the people he meets in the line of his work. He strives to continually equip himself with better qualities that he can instill in others. He draws satisfaction in knowing that through him, the lives of other people are transformed. Greg does not limit himself and has grown to an individual who asks why not rather than why.

About Greg Secker

Before joining the foreign exchange filed, Greg Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He then moved to foreign trade. He started on a high note by creating a real time trading system, the Virtual Trading Desk.

After a successful career in the field, Greg Secker ventured on his own and started working from his home. His businesses currently have a presence in London, Australia, and South Africa.

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