The Remarkable Achievements Made By Louis Chenevert for UTC

Known for his great achievements in the business industry, Louis Chenevert is a model to existing and uprising entrepreneurs who want to succeed in every sector involved in global finance. He is also the former United Technologies Corporation CEO who propelled the corporation to greater heights where the firm remains one of the most competitive and successful motor industry not only in the USA but also globally. Before becoming the CEO of the UTC, Louis Chenevert had served in the various position in many companies one of them being the chairman of UTC, production manager at Pratt & Whitney, later as the president as the same company and as the board member in many companies. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

No one can compare Louis Chenevert achievements at UTC where he played a notable role in delivering what other executives have not been able to achieve. The best thing that drove his efforts is the need to accomplish his set objectives and having the belief that nothing is possible and setting workable strategies that guided his work. One of his remarkable achievements is the time when he was able to maintain the company’s prosperity during the recession time where many companies were falling and laying off their employees due to debts and tough financial crisis that led many companies to shut down. He was able to transfer his workers to other branches of the UTC such as the Aerospace where the engineers were allocated important tasks which they executed instead of laying them off. Here the workers would contribute their knowledge in some way until the time their usual job was able.

During the recession, Louis Chenevert was able to maintain a strategy that enabled him to conquer the market and maintaining his clients in a state where products were not selling due to the crisis. He delivered potential partners and signing major deals on behalf of the UTC that helped the company to make substantial changes that helped the firm become a leader in the industry. He was able to strike a deal worth around $18.4 billion deal that enabled the company to increase its assets building the latest and facilities with the latest technology that helped the United Technologies Corporation to manufacture quality machines through its production.


Louis Chenevert always believed in innovation and continued to concentrate on his workers to build a strong team who can deliver the through teamwork. His efforts always bear fruits as he was able to work and come up with a project that led to the improvements of engines through decoupling of fans. He was able to deliver fast engines that were more efficient in fuel consumption and great force thus making the company become a reliable manufacturer of aerospace engines for many companies. Louis Chenevert always knew that technology is always the key and follows the latest trends. He invested a lot in adopting the new technology that enabled United Technologies Corporation to accelerate its growth by manufacturing advanced machines on time. He has helped the company achieve an undisputed reputation enabling the corporation to create millions of jobs thus boosting the economy of the USA to a higher margin. Read more at French Tribune.

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