The Success of Small and Medium Sized Firms Under the Guidance of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks and was established with the aim of creating an advisory company as well as a direct investment venture. The company has tried to work in the same field for the last 20 years, and Stephen has continued to push for its success.


Southridge Capital has a very dedicated team of professionals who have managed to create more business for the company. They have been recognized across the country because of the excellent business characteristics. Today, the company under the leadership of Stephen has managed to open new branches in New York, Connecticut, Ridgefield, Ontario, Canada, Los Angeles and California.


Southridge serves the small and Medium companies that need any assistance to register as private companies in the industries, mergers and acquisitions and many more. The company also happens to be a hedge fund management firm that has been entrusted with managing billions of dollars on behalf of their clients.


They have managed to help manage more than three hundred middle-sized firms realize their potential. They have been taught about the best management strategies as well as individual advice regarding financial management as well as how to manage credit.


According to Newswire, Hicks has over three decades of experience in the investment banking industry, financial structuring and risk arbitrage making him a precious asset in the company. He used to work at the Windsor, IBC, Trans-Pacific Capital and also Southerland Capital. These are the companies that lifted his experience from a small person who understands nothing about finance and management to a great business person. For more details visit ideamensch



Stephen Hicks attended King’s College for a bachelors degree as well as Briarcliff Manor based in New York for an MBA. His skills in finance have played huge roles towards making the company move forward. He was able to learn various tricks of business management as well as managing employees and how to make them remain creative and proactive in their careers.


Southridge Capital oversees large transactions of various companies around the world as well as making these young companies realize their potential. Stephen has been able to work together with professional and qualified finance specialists in the industry.



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