There’s something new and exciting at Cancer Treatment Centers of America!

There’s something new and exciting happening at Cancer Treatment Centers of America! The center designed toward better care, longer life, and healthier patients has teamed up with AllScripts and NantHealth, to create a brand new patient treatment platform. Called Critical Pathways, the new program increases the ability for Oncologists to work directly with their patients. The system will keep track of treatments, medications, Side effects, homecare, and interactions with the patient. Critical Pathways is a full-service patient care program that even assists with filing for insurance.
Designed by Oncologists throughout the world, Critical Pathways is a needed program designed to allow patients and their doctors to better communicate about the patient’s treatments and options. There are several improvements that patients will notice: First, the program will alert doctors, nurses, and Pharmacists to possible drug interactions, side effects, and alternative treatments. Second, the program will allow patients to better communicate their needs and concerns to the medical staff and their doctor. Third, the program will speed insurance pre-approvals and filings, creating a less stressful experience for the patient and their family.
In order to remain at the forefront of cancer research, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has committed itself to innovation. This new program is just one these outstanding advancements to patient care. Through dedicated staff, a strict adherence to patient safety, and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has maintained one of the highest survival rates in the country.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America located Boca Raton has five hospitals. They strive to speed and increase the recovery of their patients. Each patient at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is treated as an individual, with individual needs and treatments. They understand that there is no one cancer patient is the same, and each patient deserves and individual treatment that fits their needs.

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