This Family Accepted A Fish As A Gift, And Now They’re Paralyzed

The pufferfish, also known as a blowfish, contains a toxin that can be 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. This lethalness makes the pufferfish widely avoided by most animals, including humans. However, a Brazilian family unknowingly ate pufferfish at a family gathering on Friday, and the fish toxins paralyzed all 11 family members who ate just one bite of the fish.

The Souza family, from Rio de Janeiro, was given the pufferfish as a gift from a friend who had been fishing off the Brazilian coast. Not knowing what the fish was, the family fried the fish and served it to a group that included four children aged three to five. It looked “tasty”, as one family member described it, and most of the family began eating the fish immediately.

Within seconds, people started vomiting and losing feeling in their arms, legs, and faces. They couldn’t even hold themselves up, nor could they make it to the cars that would soon take them to the hospital.

All family members are currently being treated and are in critical condition at a local hospital. A great lesson that you should always be careful about fish that you don’t know that. Igor Cornelsen wants to ensure that families know how dangerous some species of fish can actually be.

Surprisingly, the Souzas are not the only people to be attracted to pufferfish. Pufferfish is actually a Japanese delicacy, but only when prepared by chefs specially licensed to serve the fish.

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