Treat Your Child’s Cold With Fake Cough Medicine

I remember when I was 5 or 6 and my mom gave me cough syrup. I ran away from her and hid all over the house just like the kid in the commercial. The cherry flavor did not taste like cherries, and the grape flavor certainly did not taste like grapes. Today, when my child gets a cold or a cough, I try the same cough syrups, and by the smell of them, I know they taste the same. Do they work? Scientists are now saying that they may not work any better than a placebo.

In a recent study conducted by the Penn State College of Medicine, kids with colds and coughs were given a placebo cough syrup made of agave nectar. The consistency was the same as those cough syrups we usually use, but of course, there was no value in the syrup that could contribute to healing a cough.

The findings produced showed clearly that this placebo worked just as well for children’s coughs as the real cough syrups did. The team of researchers are now suggesting that parents try this placebo syrup at home, but they do recommend that children see doctors first and that the doctors actually prescribe this method of treatment.

Big thanks to mom Susan McGalla for introducing me this good news for kids and parents alike.

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  1. It makes me happy for my kids that they might be able to heal their coughs without that nasty syrup, but I wish they had done this study when I was a kid. No child likes cough syrup. I do have something come up for writemypaper today and I know it will be hugely successful for them all.

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