Turkey or Ham For Christmas Dinner?

Christmas dinner is one of the most important celebrations of the year. During this time, many families have different traditions that they uphold. As long as no one is browsing Skout at the dinner table we’re all good in my family. In days gone by, families had goose as the main course. Those days seem to be long gone, and most stick to a roast, ham or turkey. But which one is the most acceptable dish for the festivities? It really goes down to taste and availabilities.

In my local area, there are hardly any turkeys to be found. During Thanksgiving, there were frozen birds as far as the eye could see. It wasn’t always this way around here. Recently, turkey is for Thanksgiving and ham for Christmas. If you differ from that tradition, around here you have to buy earlier. But what if you lived in an area where they didn’t have the normal things, but rather something exotic to celebrate. 

In Greeland, they use raw whale skin for their main dish. Kind of like sushi, this dish is typically taken from the beluga whale. It’s not totally raw, they use a rare cooking process, but I would take ham any-day over this. In Japan, KFC is the tradition for Christmas. In Norway, they roast a lamb’s head and serve it on a platter with several other offerings. The one that gets me the most is the tradition of South Africa. They deep fry worms known as the mopane. 

So whether it is turkey or ham at your house, just remember it could be something far worse and less appetizing.

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