Two Kids Save Their Little Brother From Kidnapper

Two kids are responsible for saving their baby brother who was nearly kidnapped from a park last Sunday. Brenden, 10, and Delicia, 8, were on the playground when they noticed a man pick up their toddler brother and start to walk off with them.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Insider Fox News, the two siblings of the kidnapped toddler started to chase after the man who took him. They screamed at him and apparently he told the little girl that he is “nice” to kids, but the siblings didn’t buy it. An image of him was caught on a security camera holding young Owen as he walked away with him. Delicia screamed her head off until strangers started to notice, and two teenagers who saw what was going on chased the man as well. Bankers said they told the news that it is kind of suspicious when you see a man carrying a baby and two younger kids running after him and screaming. The kidnapper freaked out and left the toddler in an empty parking lot and disappeared. No one knows who he is yet, but hopefully since they have a photo of him from the security camera he will be caught.

They were all at the park by themselves while their father worked nearby, and I am sure that from now on they will not be going to the park by themselves.

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