Vaccinations Becoming Required?


Ah the great vaccination debate. Its been around for quite a few years now and it came up again when there was a recent outbreak of measles cases in the United States; more specifically, Disneyland. One hundred and forty seven people were affected by this outbreak before it finally was contained. This might seem like a lot of people but really it is not, and State Assembly GOP Leader: Kristin Olsen, feels that a proposed bill that would require vaccinations in the United States is going a bit overboard. SB 277 is a bill in California that would get rid of the personal belief exemption that many people are using to avoid having to vaccinate their child. Basically, the process involves writing a letter to the child’s pediatrician and / or school explaining what personal beliefs a person has and why they do not want to vaccinate. It can be approved or denied.

While there are many supporters of  this bill, many people like Kevin Seawright are saying its an outrage. Not only should parents have the right to make this decision for their child but also, there have only been five outbreaks of measles in recent years, with not a lot of people being affected. This is an overreaction to a small issue that was immediately taken care of before more and more people could become sick. SB 277 was passed by the State Senate back in May and it is awaiting a vote by the State Assembly.

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