Vaccines: Harmful or not?

Ignorance isn’t bliss, is it? As an adult, you’re fully aware that health can quickly fade. So why are so many parents starting to take up the trend of not vaccinating their children? Is this endangering us all?

About 90 percent of children in the States are immunized against several life-threatening sicknesses that used to kill thousands of children a year. No one wants a dreadful reminder of the past. However, a recent trend that is escalating is a number of parents that are questioning the need and benefit of these medicines.

The main body of thought with those who protest the life-saving properties of vaccines or immunizations is that these parents simply don’t believe illnesses like measles exists anymore. So these parents are more focused on the very minute risks of an immunization instead of the serious risks their child will face if they become infected. Mark Ahn knows that, though vaccinations aren’t 100% safe, the possibility of getting the disease is extremely small and worth the tiny risk.

If not taken seriously, unvaccinated individuals can pollute and harm our civilization. They in theory become a health risk themselves and can pass on their sicknesses to those in the population who don’t respond to their normal immunizations or have special circumstances why they can’t get one.

If you’re a parent who is struggling with the idea of giving your child a vaccine, don’t resist blindly. Do your research, study the real risks of a vaccination, and contact your health provider with any questions. You could make a difference for both your child and the general population.

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