Wen by Chaz Examined by Emily McClure

WEN is a beauty product line that is endorsed by both Angie Harmon and Brooke Shields. These two beautiful ladies of Hollywood with gorgeous hair support the claims that the Wen by Chaz hair cleansing and cleaning, all-in-one mixture will take the place of various hair care products. We know of shampoo and conditioner, but the cleansers and various products for the hair seem to be too diverse, too complicated or too expensive when caring for your hair and scalp,

What is a person supposed to do? Emily McClure decided to take the bull by the horns and offer an in-depth, seven-day study of the effects of using Wen for the entire week. She is a hair stylist and her week long study reported in Bustle is a worthwhile examination of the claims of an expensive ($32. bottle) Sephora multi-purpose hair care kit. As a hair stylist, she has a vested interest in hair care products and this product has become popular with the public. Read the full story with accompanying photos here:Your text to link…
Consumer purchasing and shopping have been radically changed by the introduction of e-commerce. Shoppers are increasingly going to the Internet to make their purchases. If a person sees a product on the Internet but is unfamiliar with the product, he or she will read the twitter reviews, usually listed by the retailer. These reviews by average customers take the place of slick advertising, and the reader receives the expressed opinions about the product in question by its actual customers. These personal recommendation for a product, including the efforts of Emily McClure represent the advertising of the future. No longer will name recognition be enough to guarantee success because Ford may make another Edsel and Coke might change its ingredients once more.

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