WEN by Chaz Produces Amazing Results

Articles on the Bustle website are sometimes written by people who want to share their personal experiences with others. A young woman shared an experience she had when trying a new cleansing conditioner. The article she posted was her personal review of WEN hair by Chaz. She starts out explaining how she wanted her hair to look the way the model’s hair looked in the ads she saw. Her article covers her week long use of the fig version of WEN. By day six, the young woman realized she needed to use the product every morning in order to see a difference in her hair. She did notice an improvement in the amount of bounce her hair had, as well as in the amount of shine and manageability.
A Cleansing System Designed for All Types of Hair

While the young woman who wrote the article on Bustle chose to use the sephora fig version of WEN, the product does come in several other versions designed to treat the different types of issues most people face with their hair. The lavender version incorporates the natural relaxation properties found in this plant. Wen hair by Chaz will not only clean hair, but could help to relax unruly hair so it is more manageable and less frizzy. There is also a sweet almond mint version which also uses natural plant extracts to gently cleanse and condition hair.

The objective of WEN creator Chaz Dean, was to create a complete hair care system using one basic product. The WEN cleansing system eliminates the need to use a separate detangler, conditioner and shampoo. The formula is so effective at nourishing and restoring hair, that it can also take the place of a deep conditioner. The amazing results WEN provides, has made it the Amazon sold product of choice by many professional models and celebrities.

Wen’s website: http://www.wen.com/


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