What Burch Creative Capital’s Chris Burch feels about the fashion trends of the future

One of the most interesting things about fashion is the fact that it is very fluid. What sounds cool and fashionable today might be completely obsolete in a week’s time. Even more interesting is the cyclic nature in which fashion trends keep repeating themselves. Then, there is the undeniable connection that exists between fashion and technology. The CEO and founder of Venture Capital, Chris Burch says that working with the industry has helped him learn a few things about the trends.

In the seventies, the boom box hit the market and everyone was buying a piece for their own musical satisfaction. Throughout the 70’s and the 80’s, it was the coolest new addition to have to your stylish look. Then the 80’s came and in all movies, the boom box was part of the themes. Things changed in the 90s when the walkman replaced the boom box. The fashion industry took up the trend and all the magazines had their models spotting a walkman as part of their attire. This would be replaced by the iPod in the new millennium. This goes to show that as technology changes, it shapes people’s fashion ideals.

Think about the fact that when Google realized there was need for glasses, they designed and tried to put them in the market. Not many people were buying the dorkish look. They decided to bring in DVF and as soon as she featured the glasses in one of her fashion shows, the new coolest thing became wearing dorkish glasses, even if it was in a sarcastic way for some. Fashion does serve the purpose of perpetuating technology. Think of the duo who has designed a special helmet that is meant for a motorcycle. The helmet is made in such a way that the moment the wearer is involved in any form of impact from trauma, the airbag at the back of the helmet deploys, protecting the wearer from head injuries.

About Chris Burch

Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He currently lives in Miami and has made an investment in 12 different businesses. He is a co-founder of the luxury fashion brand known as Tory Burch. He is also a philanthropist and has take part in many good initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. He has interest in sales, apparel, financial services, hospitality, technology and many other fields. He is one of the best investors of his time in the market.

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