When Jason Hope says what the next big thing is, people listen

The Internet of Things promises to be one of the greatest developments in technology that has been seen this century. Even more than this, some of the technologies encompassed in the Internet of Things promise to transform so radically the lives of everyday people that it may ultimately prove to be as transformative as the Industrial Revolution itself.Jason Hope is one of the most prominent internet entrepreneurs in the United States today. After having a string of great successes, starting his own companies from the ground up and building them into an empire of high-tech gold mines, Hope has a cachet that is unmatched by other voices within the internet entrepreneurial space. Recently, Hope has begun touting the huge possibilities that will accompany the coming advent of the Internet of Things.

And Hope is one to be taken seriously. After having graduated from Arizona State University in the mid-’90s, Hope founded his first startup, Jawa, an internet streaming provider for mobile devices. This company was revolutionary at the time. It was the first company in the United States to have the idea to stream premium mobile content to the users of various devices. This was at a time when most Americans did not yet even own their own cell phone. In an era where most communications took place over the land lines, Hope showed the acumen of a talented visionary, seeing a market years before anyone else even knew that it existed.

Jawa went on to become a highly successful mobile streaming giant. This all occurred before the year 2000. This was a full decade before Steve Jobs had the idea to create the iStore, a service that provided many of the same products that Jawa had 10 years prior. This is just one example of many companies that Hope created, demonstrating an almost uncanny capacity for entrepreneurial virtuosity.For this reason when Hope speaks, the internet listens. Now, Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the greatest opportunity to present itself to entrepreneurs in the last 200 years.Jason Hope believes that those young entrepreneurs who have the drive and determination to create value using the new technologies will be able to see success, the likes of which have not been seen in all of American history.


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