Why Parents Need Classes About Vaccinations


As revealed on Wednesday by PBS, the CDC found that six cases of measles linked to Disneyland involved people who had actually been vaccinated for measles.

The vaccine is not 100 percent effective and immune systems of some vaccinated children never respond to measles antibodies. If a child is vaccinated, he/she can get measles and infect other children.

Yet, many people have argued that parents who don’t vaccinate their children should have their kids taken from them because they are too irresponsible.

Although vaccinations are important, too many parents who fail to understand that vaccinations are not a cure all. They need to understand that there is a small segment of the population who will also have a severe reaction to a vaccine. This means that there are children whose immune systems reject some vaccines as explained by Sergio Lins Andrade. There are also children who have such severe reactions that they are injured or even killed by some types of vaccines. It is that last part that many parents fear.

At this point, no one know if autism or some other serious conditions are strictly genetic, environmental, a mix of the two or caused in part by vaccines. There really is not enough non-pharmaceutical-funded research that proves with 100 percent certainty that vaccines don’t cause health problems in a small segment of the population. On the other hand, anecdotal evidence from parents suggests that there is a connection.

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