Women in the Corporate and Business World, and the Inspiration They Get From Susan McGalla

In the modern world, women are increasingly finding their way to the top in as many careers as there exists. Apart from a few cases, discrimination of women in their workplaces is not as rampant today as it used to be some years back. The government has taken measures to ensure that everyone gets a fair pay, a fair representation in executive positions, and reasonable working terms, regardless of their gender. Despite all these achievements, not many women manage to capitalize on the many chances placed at their disposal. This outcome is largely contributed to by the lack of necessary practical skills that are mandatory for career success.


Powerful Women


Despite the scarcity of successful women, the few who have succeeded are giving their male counterparts a good run for their money. Some have taken senior roles in large enterprises while others have established their ventures and are managing them as efficiently as it ought to be. Susan McGalla, the creator of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, is one of such powerful and significant woman in the business world. Her success story has become an inspiration for many women who are struggling to make an impact in their different careers. Women of McGalla’s caliber are excellent in all they do; they have good negotiation skills, have trustable personalities, and are good when it comes to making business connections.


Susan’s Key Traits


Success did not come easy for McGalla though. To get to her current position, she had to put in a lot of hard work. On top of that, she had to blend passion with confidence and versatility to break into the male-dominated industry. With a clear understanding of how demanding the journey to success is, McGalla had to do everything she could to unleash the potential she knew she had from the onset.


About Susan McGalla


Susan McGalla is an expert in many business areas. She is good at managing talents as well as branding and marketing products in the clothing sector. She once acted as the head and chief merchandising executive at American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla has also held senior positions at companies, such as Wet Seal and Joseph Horne Company, before becoming a private consultant at P3.

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