Your Children May Not Be As Healthy As You May Have Been Thinking

There is some solid evidence that American parents aren’t too good at recognizing whether their children are overweight or not. It certainly makes sense that given the fact that parents wear a significant amount of blinders when it comes to their kids, new research has concluded an element to back such a claim. The authors were particularly interested in comparing British protocol guidelines which would classify individuals into different categorical sections, them being: overweight, very overweight, underweight and healthy weight. Bubblews said that these are classes in which parents are able to classify their children.

1/3 of the parents who were researched on in the same completely underestimate the weight of their children, and less than one single percent overestimated their weights. With everything being equal, parents who were male, South Asian, older, or black were more likely to underestimate the weight of their children. The point in which a parent was likely to recognize underweight as being a healthy level of weight was when their children were classified in a BMI range of being in the .8th percentile. Kids in this sample were required to be large before their parents would think of them as being at a weight considered to be healthy again, as opposed to being underweight.

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